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Lots of kids! - what was your DH/DP's take on this?

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moonwalk Sat 16-Jul-11 12:22:24

I am very keen to have a third child. DH is a bit on the fence... although coming round to the idea more and more.. I have to admit having worked on him a little bit. grin

I have 2 questions for you Ladies with "more" children:

- do you have husbands/partners that are just naturally keen to have lots of children? (I know a couple of these men IRL and maybe y'all have one of these?)
- did you have to whet their appetite for a 3rd (4th etc)? If so, would you mind sharing your tips?

I know some of you will say the partner has to be 100% on board and I agree! But there's no harm helping out with this a little bit (in my books).

Unfortunately all our friends "are on number 2", so the competitive element that DH would surely fall for cannot be applied here ;-) Sorry - not very PC wink

harrygracejessica Sat 16-Jul-11 21:23:35

We decided to try for number 2 and ended up with twins so had 1ds and twin dd then we had an accident and ended up with more twins so we never got chance to think about it hahaha. I did say I wanted 3 pregnancies but obviously never thought 5 kids would be the result!!

Thornykate Sun 17-Jul-11 01:48:51

I have a DP who loves babies (well he loves his babies anyway) & thinks it's great to have a houseful of kids.

We have 7 between us (both DP & I had kids from previous marriage before we met) aged between 5wks & 21yrs & I think we'll have 1 more. DP is v laid back & considers kids to be a blessing... Most of the time grin

HighFibreDiet Sun 17-Jul-11 03:53:01

Dh does like kids but he'd always said 'two or three'. I wanted three as I was one of three and it felt right to me. Ds2 had various health problems so it took me a while to feel ready for another, but by the time he was about 2 1/2 I really desperately wanted the third child. And dh agreed that it would change the dynamic between the first two - which it definitely has. Ds1 and ds2 have a classic love-hate relationship: they antagonise each other like nothing else but really miss each other when one isn't around. But in general, they both dote on ds3. So I would say that's a definite advantage to having more than two.

I don't consider 3 kids to be a large family, but I'm currently pg with dc4 who wasn't planned... so we have turned into a 'large family' inadvertently.

HighFibreDiet Sun 17-Jul-11 03:55:48

oh and dh was actually pretty keen to have the fourth once we found out I was pregnant - probably keener than I was - so his 'two or three' didn't really end up meaning anything.

FootprintsOnTheMoon Mon 18-Jul-11 19:11:26

My DH thinks that having the most kids in his group means RESPECT. I think he's genuinely chuffed on some level to have such visible evidence of his ability to attract a happy mate, conceive lovely children, and keep them all in swimming lessons and coco pops (and whatever other random things men discuss amonst themselves).

But -tbh - he's always been keen, so can't help with persuading.

devientenigma Thu 11-Aug-11 22:25:49

there's 6 kids here, but hubby is one of ten.

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