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BEST time to have no4?

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threecurrantbuns Wed 13-Jul-11 14:26:47

We have 3dcs, dd1-just5, dd2 3, ds15mth. We would love a fourth and originally planned to ttc at the end of the year therefore dd1&2 would both be at school when baby arrived and ds would be 6mth off pre school funding, so can imagine it being slightly easier to juggle.

Dont want any bigger gap really as the gaps so far are 21mth between and2 then 24mth between 2and3. Really like the close gaps now but do admit to finding the first 6mth with dc3 tough at times as they were all at home and the summer hols were tough towards the end. I f we stick to the plan i wont have to combat the summer hol 2012 with four one of which being a young baby BUT me and dh are finding it hard to wait now we have made our decision we are exciting about the prospect of no4 but also want to enjoy to the max as this will be our last, keep trying to tell myself its only a few months to wait but impatient and thinking go for it we will get hrough the summer its only a few weeks hmm dont get me wrong i love them all being around but know a newborn would be easier intially with a few hours with the older children getting some outside entertainment.

Ive just realised im waffling! My dh says lets do it onw as if we have a september baby he or she will be a late school starter and that may not be a good thing being the fourth as our second already seems ready for school she cant wait cant imagine her not going for a year after she is due to start (sept12)

threecurrantbuns Wed 13-Jul-11 20:58:19


nicobean Fri 15-Jul-11 21:34:42

threecurrants just go for it! I think you're overthinking this...grin

If it happens before December, I think you'd both be thrilled and all these thoughts about school etc etc would go out of the window. There's never a perfect time to have a baby.

Best of luck!!!

letsgetloud Fri 15-Jul-11 21:53:24

My fourth child (and most definately last) was born one week before the school holidays last year. I struggled and it would have been so much easier if he had came once they were back at school.

Do you have any help. I didn't/don't have any support so was on my own with them really.

Saying this though, you can't really think too much into it as it could take a couple of months etc. to fall pregnant. Also you will still have the summer holidays to contend with being pregnant (if you leave ttc until start of the year). In itself ok if you sail through pregnancies. Whereas I had terrible spd and I couldn't do much with mine for the last few months of each pregnancy really. If I had been at end stage of pregnancy with the kids being off school they would have went stir crazy.

What I am trying to say i suppose is that it is swings and roundabouts really. End stages of pregnancy with all kids home or new baby with all kids home.

threecurrantbuns Fri 15-Jul-11 22:02:17

Thanks, and yes i agree re swinging in roundabouts, i have had straight forward pregnancies so far, as in no serious problems, but bad backache towards the end and i do not enjoy it cant say im looking forward to the preg part. When dc3 was born my first hadnt started school dc3 was 6mth old when she started, found the summer break time tiugh in the sense that it was hard as dc3 was at the stage where he want ed to have proper sleeps etc so not so easy to get out and about without a possibly grumpy baby!

Dont really know the best option def would be easier sept time onwards but im desperate to start ttc as soooo excited.

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