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very jealous of people pregnant or trying for a baby

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verybusyspider Tue 12-Jul-11 20:14:51

its totally unreasonable, I have 3, dh and I can't decide if we want more (although he's happy too if I make the first move) everytime I hear about a friend trying or newly pregnant I feel very jealous, is that normal broodiness? if we have no more does that feeling fade? only dh and I got married and had kids before our friends, we did all the weddings a few years ago and now its all the children...

Thornykate Sun 17-Jul-11 01:57:31

I too would like to know if broodiness fades. Someone told me last week that it never goes away & I will probably always want one more no matter how many I have?

Is this true? And does age play a part? Have never had bad broodiness until about age 33 it used to come & go before then & my head could definitely rule my heart until then too.

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