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Slim booster seats!!!

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sairz1980 Thu 07-Jul-11 16:50:02


I am expecting my 3rd child in November and we am on the lookout for a slim highback booster seat for our 4 year old daughter. Our son (aged 2) is currently in a Maxi Cosi Tobi, and our new baby is due to go into a Silver Cross Ventura.

There is no way we can afford to change our cars (an Audi A4 estate and a Ford Focus), so I wondered whether anyone had the same problem and found any solutions?


Sarah xx

wheresthepimms Thu 07-Jul-11 16:57:44

we found the only way was to put the 2 seats in the car go to the shop with a tape measure and try the slimmest seat out in the middle. Think the slimmest we found was the britax adventure high booster. If you can get there there is a car seat shop in Milton Keynes that is very good and helpful its called in car safety they also have a web site or you could call them tell them car make and other seats and they should be able to suggest which ones are good. I think it will be the focus you will struggle with and it is worth considering that it will be easier whilst new one is rear facing than when they are all forward facing so if you can get one that will work then good luck smile

sairz1980 Thu 07-Jul-11 17:00:50

Thanks, I am a bit far from Milton Keynes, but I'll keep looking! We only have about 35cm of space between the seats in the car, so it looks like my bottom may have to fit in there with the infant carrier in the front! x

wheresthepimms Thu 07-Jul-11 17:43:13

Just found this website may be of some help to you

wheresthepimms Thu 07-Jul-11 17:47:19

sorry just realised a lot of the seats aren't UK ones but some are and am sure you could work out the UK equivalent

Fresh01 Thu 07-Jul-11 18:34:32

We went to the In Car Safety Centre as well and needed to use 2 of the Maxi-Cosi Robi high back boosters along with a rear facing Maxi Cosi Cabriofix now a Britax Eclipse (I think) as he is now forward facing. The Robi's were the narrowest by less than 2cm than the Britax high back booster we already had. You really need to take all the seats you have to a shop, find a helpful shop assistant and try them all out, it took us about 45mins of various combinations and the guy knew all about car seats. I have a Landcruiser that I would have said was a decent size of car but the back seat was a nightmare to fit 3 car seats across.

When DD2 went into the high back booster instead of a forward facing car seat we had to move the baby to behind the driver to enable the two booster seats to "plug in" next each other. We have facecloths around the "sockets" to hold them in a forwards position to minimise the fiddling around factor.

wheresthepimms Fri 08-Jul-11 08:10:51

Fresh the face cloths is a great idea, we are always fiddling with the plugs, even though our eldest is 10 but well over the 140cm ruling so doesn't need a seat on long journeys she still likes to have her seat and it is horrid fitting it in. We have 4 so normally 1 will be in the front and 3 across the back with eldest in middle squished between 2 car seats looking sad as the others grope her rear trying to plug themselves in

buttonmoon78 Sat 09-Jul-11 14:42:12

We bought a Nania (or nonia - can't read the name properly from here!) from Mothercare for ds which was nice and slim. This was 18m ago though so dn't know if they still have them.

whimsicalname Mon 11-Jul-11 12:50:56

We bought seatbelt extenders ( I think they're an American invention for the 'larger' passenger) to help with plugging and unplugging. They cost about £30 for two for the bigger boys. Baby seat went in the middle. Worked a treat until we needed a bigger seat for the baby.

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