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Childminding and the larger family

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slipperandpjsmum Thu 30-Jun-11 11:31:13

Does anyone cm with a larger family? How do you find it?

MUM2BLESS Thu 07-Jul-11 18:50:14

I have FOUR children of my own and I childmind SIX.

Very busy overall. I work from 07.30 or just before and finish around 18.00. (Today it was nearly 18.30 when two of the kids left). Mon to Fri. Varying hours of work.

i have done a lot of late to bed and early rises since starting child

During hols only one of the six comes to me three days a week. Thats ok for me.

My husband is so special as he really helps me out. He is a chef. I STILL have to cook. My kids also have to do some things to help around the house.

I have been childminding three years in sept.

slipperandpjsmum Sat 09-Jul-11 09:17:54

Thanks for your reply. MUM2BLESS Do you mind me asking if you make a reasonable income? What would you say the pros and cons were?

I have been thinking of leaving work to childmind for sometime now. I am a bit concerned about space as we don't have an emormous house. I think from previous postings your children and mine are a similar sort of age. What are the ages of the children you look after?

MUM2BLESS Sat 09-Jul-11 20:36:07

Thank slipper.....The income is quite good, pending of the hours and amount of children. Their ages are 19 mths, 3 yrs, 7 yrs (x2) and 10 (x 2).

Pros are

Flexible hours, I can take my younger kids to school myslef, I have chosen to have only one child during the hols to spend more time with my own, acess to some very good training courses (some free of charge), get to take part in lots of interesting actiivies with cm and your children. Build great relationships with the cm chidlren.


Paperwork, late collections (sometimes) late payment (sometimes) , have to deal with some challenging behaviour, If possible please get payment in advance. I have learnt by my experiencess.

My own are 6, 10, 12 and 15.

You do not have to have an enormous house. If your garden is small home in on the near by parks.

I hope that helps....

slipperandpjsmum Sun 10-Jul-11 11:50:16

Gosh MUM2BLESS thats alot of children in total!!

Do you find the older children want to play out? We live in a cul de sac and my children (3, 9, 10 and 15 thought we had similar aged children) like to play in the street (not the 3 yr old of course) and I am worried how I would manage the situation? I would not feel comfortable letting my cm children out but can imagine my children's faces if I said they could not play out with their friends. I was hoping to increase my earnings by before/afterschool care.

Our garden is a good size and we back onto a wood. We have some outbuildings that I would love to convert into a playroom but can't afford it

I have finally decided to go for it though and I am handing my notice in at work this week!!! Really excited but a little scared to but can't wait to be home all the time with my family.

One last thing (sorry) do you have a website?

MUM2BLESS Mon 11-Jul-11 19:33:10

The older children sometimes want to play out. Our garden is a decent size. I still do a bit of supervising even with the older ones. The older children do not come during the hols so its really before and after school.

My kids do not play in the street as such either in the garden or they go to the park. As you know dealing with your own kids is a lot easier. I am more relaxed with my own. I am very alert with the cm kids as I am not always sure what they will do next.

If you do take older kids ask the parents what they are comfortable with and get them to sign a permission form for outdoor playing and what they want you to do.

I do not have a website.

How are you going to advertise yourself. Word of mouth is the best. I use to get people stopping me in the street asking about my services. Parents also watch you in action. I have quite a lot of kids with me sometimes after pickup during the week. My setting is multicutural, just what I wanted.

Hae you started the process of registering etc? When I first started my policies were very basic. As Iwent along I introduced some more. Let me know if you would like to know what policies I have.

Due for inspection November time.

Look at cm as a new adventure. It is very rewarding with challenges at times. Have clear policies and boundries to start. smile

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