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School holidays..aaargh!

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LizinFrance Tue 28-Jun-11 11:41:10

Hi everyone,

Here in France, our school holidays start on Friday - until 5th September. Aaargh!!! Hubby usually manages to spend good bit of holidays at home - but not this year! So.......I need an action plan to avoid him finding me rocking to and fro in the corner come the end of August! I've 2 biggies (12 and 10) and 2 littlies (4 and 16 months). We have no family here, so I will have the 4 of them most of the time. Will have friends over and stuff, but I need ideas for activities that we can do, that will occupy all 4 of them, with their different needs etc! Those of you that have older ones similar ages to mine, do you leave them to their own devices quite a bit? How much DS/TV time etc? I know things would be easier if I let them do more of that. Any tips and thoughts greatly appreciated.

many thanks,

crispyseaweed Tue 28-Jun-11 17:13:54

Hello Lz. I am in the same boat. My DS 10yrs old breaks up here in Wiltshire on Friday 8th July....and he gets very bored during the holidays. ( I have 2 grown up kids who have left home)
The boys in my sons class have not very friendly mothers at all, and some children are boarders so they live miles away. We are coming to Megeve in the Alps on 11th Jly for a week then on to Venice for a few days. I do feel sorry for him when we travel and he has no one to play with. Such a shame you are not coming to Megeve...if you were we could link up and get out 10 yr olds together!!! lol
Where do you live in France. ?

LizinFrance Tue 28-Jun-11 20:42:14

Hi there,

We live in Northern Dordogne. Been here 7 years - its flown by!!! Tricky for your son being on his own when you are away. Are they any kids clubs where you are going? is he good at making friends when you are away? Shame the other Mums where you are arent friendly! Funny bunch! The mums in my kids classes are generally very nice, but with the language barrier its always difficult to really 'get involved'. French is not bad now, and we always get involved in school fetes, christmas markets etc, but always still feel a bit 'on the outside'! Do you often holiday in France?

Lets keep in touch for ideas!!

crispyseaweed Wed 29-Jun-11 09:47:31

Yes we holiday in France 3x a year. We ski in Megeve 2x a year, usually Dec//jan and then March/April.
Then we come to France July for about a week.
My partner has a small studio apartment in Megeve. He rents it out to Uk and French people any time of year. Its probably too small for your family , but if you know of a couple of one child family who are interested, let us know.
My son, Angus has taken the skiing for granted nowadays, so may not bring him next winter, he can stay with his Dad.
He is keen to do the summer trip as we are white water rafting and lugeing and swimming...
Its hard with a language barrier I can imagine. .. and as you said you always feel a bit on the outside. When my older 2 were tiny we lived in US and Oz and even there you still feel slightly on the outside.
Do you ski? and where?
Having had 3 children at one time at home, i know what its like juggling babies with older children.....hard.
I guess TV/computer games times.. 1 hr , maybe extra 30 mins perhaps but not 2 hrs.
Games: big kids hide things in garden for 4 yr old to find. Big kids help to make play dough for 4 yr old. Arts and craft? Strangely my son hates this which I find very strange!
Its tough trying to entertain older children when you have younger ones that take up time. Sometimes children of 10-12 dont need occupying , then can find stuff to do themselves. In my experience if they cant be bothered to find something to do they can just sit and be bored. I always tell them, that it wont hurt one to be bored for a while. I ofeten suggest things for Angus, like tennis or swimming at home but all he seems to want to do is watch TV.. Not good !
Sometimes being bored makes them appreciate going back to ! grin wink

crispyseaweed Wed 29-Jun-11 19:43:40


LizinFrance Wed 29-Jun-11 20:36:35

H there,

Sorry took me so long to reply - one of THOSE days today!!! All kids at home as 12 yr old has started holidays, and 10 and 4yr old at home as no school on wednesdays. 12 year old is sooooo hormonal and argueing wth everything, 10 yr old was being his usual lovely, but very very ackward self, 4 year old acting like hes on speed at the mo, and 16 month old has started tantrums in a big way!!!!! them all dearly, tomorrow is another day!!!

Nice to hear you say that it does them good to be bored - I have sad that a few times today too!!!!! Think I need to chill a bit with the older 2 and let them get on with a bit more themselves. Weve never been ski-ing would you believe - and we live in France hey?? terrible!!! We love arts and crafts too - all the kids do. Anyway, must dash as youngest wont settle - sorry it a speedy - garbled message! speak to you again soon


crispyseaweed Fri 01-Jul-11 13:25:58

so sorry to hear how difficult its was for you on Wednesday. Grrhh... kids can be so difficult at times. Thats why i LOVE love love it when they are at school, then I can get on and do my own thing. Infact since the big two have grown up I really enjoy it when Angus 10 yrs is at school, occupied and out from under my feet. I know I sound like an uncaring mother,,, the truth is I love them all dearly with all my heart, but its keeping them amused when holidays are here. Shame we didnt know each other well, and your young 10 yr old DS could come wit us to Megeve for swimming, hill walks, etc etc. Angus would dearly love a friend....
I hope your weekend is a bit better and kids easier and calmer.... xxx

crispyseaweed Tue 05-Jul-11 09:54:52


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