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Questions to parents of 4 close in age...

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OnlyMe1971 Tue 24-May-11 12:29:15

Hi, I'm currently on a campaign of trying to persuade DH to have a 4th.
But I do have a few questions... hope they are not too nosey, don't answer if you don't want to...

How is your sex life? Ours has already dwindled a LOT. Luckily, most of the time DH is as knackered as I am so also feels it's a bit of a chore. But whne we do it's nice and well worth the wait. Just wondering if what's left of our sex life would totally go down the drain with a 4th child on the scene.

Do you shout a lot? I found that with 2 kids i didn't have to raise my voice much, but since the arrival of nubmer 3 I seem to shout every day, which I hate, but sometimes it's the only way to get them to stop fighting/tearing the house assunder, stop screeching etc.


peacemoon Tue 24-May-11 19:30:20

Hi,I have 4 (3boys & 1 girl) and have managed to maintain a fairly good sex life.Doesn't happen often on a school night but we make up for it at weekends and when the opportunity arises!
I'm afraid to say shouting comes with the territory!There are so many of them u have to shout to be heard.They don't seem to be "damaged" by it.In fact I would say it's just a normal part of a big passionate family.Might be different if it was nasty shouting but it's just being heard!Not that anyone listens!

threecurrantbuns Thu 26-May-11 20:50:26

watching with interest, hopefully some more people along soon

sweetkitty Fri 27-May-11 21:29:57

I have 4 with just under 6 years between them all, the youngest has just turned one.

Sex life - erm bit of a sore subject. Just too knackered plus due to lack of space DS is still in our room cot right up against the bed which kind of puts you off.

Shouting - erm yes I do shout a lot fat lot of good it does me most of the time.

It's noisy, messy, stressful, chaotic but wouldn#t change it for the world.

3peasinapod Fri 27-May-11 23:17:48

Watching this one with interest!!

I have 3 and i shout, mind you no one hears me!! I swear its goes over my kids head!!

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