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4 and then a bit of a gap???

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hollyfort Wed 15-Dec-10 20:27:03

I have four kids close enough together, 22 mths between dd and ds1, 22 mths between ds1 and ds2 and 19 mths between ds2 and ds3. Part of me thinks maybe it might be nice to have one more but leave bit more of a gap, ds will be 2 in april. For various reasons i wouldn't be able to think about ttc until next summer at the earliest so would be little over 3 yr age gap if i was lucky to get pregnant again. Sometimes i think a bit of a gap would be nice but then i think if there was a gap of just over 3 yrs would it be a bit like a child out on their own?? Dilemmas!! Anyone ever been in same position, interested to hear views, experiences. I'm 36 by the way!

fluffygal Wed 15-Dec-10 20:53:22

Well I have a DS who is 4, DD1 who is 3, both got birthdays in January. I also have 2 SS who live with us who have just turned 3 and 4. There's under 2 years between the oldest and youngest of the 4 (you with me so far?). OH and I have just had a DD together (2 months old) so there is almost 3 year between her and the next youngest.

I can kind of see where you are coming from as I think of our 4 as a set, and DD2 is like the extra one that bonds us all together (I am not sure that makes sense to anyone except me!).

3 years is really not that big a gap, I would go for it. A lot of people go for the 4 year gap between kids once one is at school, it would be a smaller gap then that. The only thing I can see is in my situation is that DD2 is going to end up being spoilt by me her big brothers and sister!

asdx2 Wed 29-Dec-10 19:23:43

I have 18 months between ds1 and ds2.A gap of three and a half years then 21 months between dd1 and ds3.I had then supposedly finished but just after ds3's eighth birthday I had dd2. It has been wonderful having dd2, so easy to have a "single" child and really enjoyable having a toddler when the older ones were teens. I'd do it all over again tbh.

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