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help!! car that fits 3 child car seats + 2 older kids?

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kitty1013 Wed 08-Dec-10 14:43:33

I'd be grateful for anyone's recommendations for a car that fits 3 proper child car seats along the second row. Ideally I'd like a 4x4, and I need a third row of seats to fit two older children, one of whom is a 6ft1" teenager! However if possible I don't want a bus!

So far we have made our way through a Multipla (loved it for the seating layout, but useless in snow/ice), Grand Voyager - too long and I don't want to put one of the under 3s in the back row of seats as it's too far away from me in the front. We are now on a Landrover Discovery (an old one, which I like because the older children can access the boot seats from the boot door rather than via the second row) but to my distress there is no way that the second row is wide enough to fit a car seat for child no. 5 when he/she arrives in March.

Please please, if you have any recommendations let me know. I am driving my husband mad as I keep changing my mind - nothing seems to really fit the bill!

thank you!
Kitty (mum of 2, full time step mum to 2 more, (definitely last) baby due in March 2011!)

maryz Wed 08-Dec-10 14:55:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jkit Wed 08-Dec-10 15:04:36

We have a Volvo XC90 in which I have fitted all of the above including an umberella pushchair and an electric scooter for my father. Ours is getting old now, 2004, and has done over 110,000 but is still 100% reliable even in all this awful weather. Highly recommended.

TRL Fri 10-Dec-10 22:12:12

We also have an XC90 and have fitted in 3 car seats in the middle row plus 2 kids in back. The tallest person we had in the back was over 6' - I don't think it was the most comfortable ride as the legroom's not amazing, but he fitted in fine and didn't complain. It is a wonderful family car and already has a built in booster in the centre seat of the middle row, a narrowish one, so you can use that for age 4+ and only have 2 seats either side.

nextchapter Sun 12-Dec-10 15:05:17

Also have the XC90, is an absolute life saver, couldn't cope without it

snorris Sun 12-Dec-10 15:37:08

I have five children and drive a Ford Galaxy. Prior to that I had a Seat Alhambra (same car, different badge). Gives us enough seating space, reasonable boot space but easier to park than a "bus". That said, I've just had a 9-seater Renault Trafic on hire for a few days and was surprised at how much I liked it!!

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