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Any Korean/Mongolian/ Russian speaking mums around??

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diva4mgl Thu 04-Aug-05 19:26:27

just wondered any mum speaks these languages? i moved in the uk 3 yrs ago. i had little girl a few months ago.
im new to mumsnet, too

Nightynight Thu 04-Aug-05 20:26:34


moondog Thu 11-Aug-05 14:16:07

Gosh,you sound interesting diva4mgl. What's your background I wonder? Ethnic Korean brought up in Mongolia perhaps. I'm not much help,but my sister is married to a Korean,I've lived and worked in Russia and my parents have done the same in Mongolia!

Are you in the South? My sister does a lot with other Korean families and runs a Korean kids' club in Brighton.

diva4mgl Sat 13-Aug-05 14:11:14

hi moondog,
must say i checked this post couple times a day
im mongolian, my parents lived in russia when i was kid, and i studied in south korean university. and im married to british
my sister lives in seoul, she is married to korean guy. its nice to hear your parents been to mongolia, most people thinks mongolia is end of the world
im in north staffordshire/south cheshire border. i only go korean restaurant in manchester once a month. i don`t use much of any of these languages, so im worried about my dd. i would love to teach her all of these languages. unfortunately dh does not speak at all. typical british i would say
it was very nice to hear from you.
excuse my 1hand writing, little girl is sleeping in my hand

moondog Sun 14-Aug-05 20:18:04

What do you speak to your dd?
Which is your most natural language?
My sister is very cross with her dh as he is not really speaking Korean properly with their children. She is the one who puts in the effort.

How did you meet your dh?

moondog Sun 14-Aug-05 20:20:58

My parents loved Mongolia btw. They have lots of beautiful Mongolian things in their home. They were helping set up an English language curriculum in UB in 1990,so some of the first foreigners there.

Please speak your native tongue to your dd. it would be so sad if she lost this important part of a heritage and grew up as just another British kid.

diva4mgl Sun 14-Aug-05 21:26:08

wow, i used to go uni in 1993 learning english russian teacher in UB. we had british teacher called david lambert and joyce ( cant remember her surname she was elderly)
i love korean language, and love my dd to learn it too. to be honest im quite proud of speaking different languages as im 100% mongolian, i just loved to learn foreign languages, and also im lucky enough to travel and live different countries.i promised myself to learn 8 languages when i was kid( very childish i know) but managed only half
btw what did you do in russia, where about did you live? i want to go to leningrad i mean st.peterburgh.dh promised me so we will go next year. he loves russia too.

Fauve Sun 14-Aug-05 21:49:15

Hello, diva4mgl I speak Russian, although I'm very rusty now; I learnt it at university as part of a language degree, and studied in St Petersburg. Sadly have not been back to Russia since - would love to take my kids when they're a bit older. Fabulous language, though.

moondog Sun 14-Aug-05 21:59:16

lol Diva! That wasn't my mum and dad though. They were only about 47 then.
We lived in Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky) for over a year.Dh was helping setting up anagricultural consultancy and I helped to train interpreters and translators. Earned $8 a month but God I loved the job! Students were extraordinarily talented and hard working.

Travelled a lot in Russia (Golden Ring,St Petersburg,Moscow) and also lived in Moscow after that-very different to Nizhny.

Very very happy time (1998-2000). I still e mail old students.

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