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would be v grateful for any info on innoculations for babies in France

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lummox Mon 11-Jul-05 14:48:40

Hi there. Not sure if this is in the right section but would be very grateful for advice from French mums/others who have had babies in France.

Our ds is about to have his first (eight week) jab in the UK. Once this is done we will be going out to France for six months.

Does anyone know whether we can have the 12 week and 16 week jabs out in France? Do they have the same jabs?

If not, we would be happy to go with (and pay for) the French jabs instead. Does anyone know what jabs newborns get there?



GhostofNatt Mon 11-Jul-05 17:06:20

Bump for French crowd

Nightynight Mon 11-Jul-05 18:08:51

bump again!
cant help sorry - dd2 was born in France, but had her jabs in the UK.

Nightynight Mon 11-Jul-05 18:11:00

You shouldnt have to pay for the jabs though - there is a special form you can get, E112(?) that covers routine treatment that you will need during your visit to France.

lummox Mon 11-Jul-05 19:16:19

thanks very much GoN and nightynight.

have got an E111, but think that is only for emergencies.

anyone else [pleading emoticon]?

GhostofNatt Mon 11-Jul-05 20:50:39

I know there are some French peeps somewhere who can help poor lummox...

lummox Tue 12-Jul-05 09:56:30

thanks again GhostofNatt.

can't resist another try.

GhostofNatt Tue 12-Jul-05 10:10:56

Incidentally lummox, how did you pick that name? Just looked it up on online dictionary (don't I have any work to do) and it means a "stupid or awkward person"... which I'm sure you are not

Caravaggio Tue 12-Jul-05 10:11:08

i know _ but am daeling with broken fridge in 35°. will golook it up for you when life back to normal.

ggglimpopo Tue 12-Jul-05 10:12:31

Message withdrawn

lummox Tue 12-Jul-05 11:39:33

i have my moments ghostofnatt

lummox is what i said when i saw that the pregnancy test was positive

ggglimpopo am very excited - sorry to hear about the fridge. hope it's not too much of a disaster

ggglimpopo Tue 12-Jul-05 11:55:30

Message withdrawn

ggglimpopo Tue 12-Jul-05 11:56:44

Message withdrawn

lummox Tue 12-Jul-05 13:43:12

that is fantastic - thank you so much. means that we can give ds his first one next week and then continue the course. will check in white pages for a PMI, but think a peadiatrician might be best (will be exciting to see French hospital. maybe.)

if it's not pushing my luck have you got any recommendations for French websites where you can order babystuff (some sort of lekiddicare)? Have found kiabi, but was wondering about something with a broader range of stuff.

fridge meltdown sounds a nightmare. And 10 days for spare parts seems ridiculous.

take it from the temperature where you are that you are central/south. we are moving to the pas de calais. bought a house last year and have now sold up in London.

scary stuff. might think about taking a spare fridge.

thanks again

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