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Any Romanians mums out there ?

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Monkeysmom Fri 03-Jun-05 15:05:01

I was wondering if there are any Romanian mums on Mumsnet. I want to share their experiences in bringing up children to speak Romanian especially if father is not romanian ant the only language they hear all day is English.

Tanzie Sat 04-Jun-05 21:39:33

Cristina7 is Romanian. I'm not but lived there for several years and speak Romanian (do I know you?!).

Tanzie Sat 04-Jun-05 21:50:21

I shout at my children in Romanian (it was Dd1's first language). Nothing bad, just stuff to get them moving in the morning. DH and I revert to Romanian when we don't want the kids to understand what we are saying!

Monkeysmom Mon 06-Jun-05 08:55:47

Tanzie, I don’t think you know me. Unfortunately, I don’t know any Romanians or Romanian speaking with children.
I have a 14mo who says only mama and dada. He goes to nursery full time and at home we speak only English as my husband doesn’t speak Romanian. I speak to my ds in Romanian when we are alone and have loads of Romanian nursery rhymes cd’s that we listen to in the car, but I am still worried. Am I exposing him enough to Romanian ? Will he ever learn ?

Tanzie Tue 07-Jun-05 19:46:10

Hello MonkeysMum . No, I was thinking of a friend who is British but has a Romanian DH. I think if you speak Romanian to your DS (and not English) he will pick it up fine - eg even if you are with your DH, speak to your DS in Romanian. Even if his English suffers a bit at the expense of Romanian, he will pick it up fine once he gets to school. DD1 didn't speak a word of English (well, maybe the odd one or two) when we came here, she is now 6 and is top of her year for reading and very articulate. Unfortunately she's forgotten most of her Romanian , though picked it up again a bit when we visited Brasov recently, though has a tendency to remember very odd things - basina porcului springs to mind!!

Tanzie Tue 14-Jun-05 23:36:39

Bump for Cristina 7 if she's about?

Cristina7 Tue 14-Jun-05 23:44:39

Hi, here I am. I speak English with my DS (now 5). I have a DD (3 mo) and speak a bit of Romanian with her but I guess I'll end up speaking mainly English to her too. I've been in the UK for 11 years and, for some bizarre reason, English babytalk comes more easily to me than Romanian babytalk. When I had DS I didn't really know any Romanians around and my Romanian was getting quite rusty. Where are you, MM? I'm in London (Wimbledon).

Monkeysmom Wed 15-Jun-05 13:02:11

Buna Cristina,

Eu locuiesc in Worcester, West Midlands. In UK sint din 1990 iar in Romania sint din Bucuresti. Am un baietel de 14 luni si cind sint numai cu el, vorbesc numai Romaneste. Sotul meu este insa Englez si cum nu stie o boaba de Romana, cind sintem impreuna vorbim in Engleza. De asemenea, DS merge la gradinita deci ma tem ca ocazii de a auzi vorbindu-se Romaneste sint prea rare.
Tu mai mergi prin Romania ? Eu tocmai m-am intors, am fost de Paste. A fost foarte frumos. L-am invatat pe DS sa ciocneasca oua rosii.

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