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baby sign

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lyra41 Wed 25-May-05 22:10:19

Anyone tried this?

I haven't, but would like to when my baby is old enough (due Jan 06).

I'd love to hear your experiences of it.

Evesmama Wed 25-May-05 22:12:33

worked pretty well on meet the fockers

seriously...i HAVE heard it is very good!

Thomcat Wed 25-May-05 22:15:10

Lots of us mums with kids who have special needs use makaton (based on BSL), it's fab and works very, very well.

Shazzler Wed 25-May-05 22:15:48

Yes it definately works. Definately give it a go and keep at it. I did it with my dd and I understood what she wanted because she would let me know. I did not do it enough because she started talking quickly but it is advised that you carry on and do it regularly.

Hope your pregnancy is going well.

hotmama Wed 25-May-05 22:16:16

Lyra - I started a thread on this last week under the "In the News" section was on BBC Breakfast News. I'm going to a local class at the beginning of June - the Tiny Talk website is good - sorry I am crap at doing links! HTH

darlingbud Wed 25-May-05 22:35:38

I started it with dd just doing signs for food and milk but then stopped as I heard it delayed speech.

Not sure if thats true or not.

Shazzler Wed 25-May-05 22:37:29

Darlingbud - I beieve the opposite is true and it actually improves speech.

Shazzler Wed 25-May-05 22:37:48

Or believe even

maomao Wed 25-May-05 22:41:23

Did (and still do) this with my dd, although now she is 2. It is immensely helpful --- it allowed her to express herself and ask for things that I could not have possibly have figured out otherwise. I think that it helped us avoid some tantrums that way. And, with regards to speech development, I think it actually facilitated things. She speaks quite well and clearly. We still use signing if we're somewhere where it's very noisy, or if she's just out of speaking range and I don't want to shout.

starlover Wed 25-May-05 22:44:09

i heard that you could learn on the web... is there a website that shows you how to do it?

mcmudda Wed 25-May-05 23:21:19

Hi Lyra41

I did signing with ds from 7 mths onwards. I went to Sing and Sign classes for 10 weeks which was basically baby music classes where the actions were also signs.

It was really useful - we got a couple of signs from about 9 months and then more and more.

He started talking at 12 mths and had several hundred recognisable words by 18 mths, but would still use signs for emphasis.

Definitely doesn't discourage speech. All recent studies say exactly the opposite. It is different for hearing babies - you're not teaching a second language - you're giving them a way of communicating before they can use speech effectively. As soon as they can talk, words will naturally take over.

My best friend's a Speech and language therapist and she is very pro-baby signing. In her opinion the folks who talk baby signing down are the ones who tend to be professionally out of touch and unaware/unwilling to read the latest professional journals and keep up with current research.

99redballoons' ds stars in one of TinyTalks videos and would be worth tracking down - she'll no doubt spot this thread soon anyway

Do a Google search for baby signing and you'll find a whole load of useful sites. It's really rewarding and can cut down on a lot of frustration for toddlers IMO.

Frizbe Wed 25-May-05 23:36:34

We've taught dd a few things off 'Something Special' and she can now sign virtually all of the animals, she's 19mths and is trying to speak as well, so I don't think its delayed her, it's good to be able to communicate before she can fully.

tessasmum Wed 01-Jun-05 19:49:58

I would swear by signing. Taught dd from about 7 months and she started to sign back from about 10 months, much, much earlier than she would have been able to talk. She learnt about 60 signs and then gradually dropped them as she started to talk. It certainly didn't delay her speech and I would back up all the research that says it actually helps speech-she had well over 300 words by her 2nd birthday. She talked early and now at 27 months has an amazing ability to communicate.
Looking forward to all 3 of us teaching baby no. 2 when it turns up in November.

poppy101 Wed 01-Jun-05 19:53:54

I started this with my lo, started when he was 6 months, found it really good, signs for milk when he needs to and has just started other signs, more and goodbye.

I will keep up with it, I bought the Sing and Sign video. Found it good as it had some excellent songs to use as well. If you would like to buy the video off me you are very welcome, it is only 3 months old, but once you have used the video a few times, you can really let the child lead with the signing.

californiagirl Thu 02-Jun-05 04:43:54

DD started to sign and talk at the same time at about 14 months (and we hadn't been signing much with her, she picked up the signs at daycare). Now we're getting much more serious about signing as it is tremendously convenient, because most of her words sound the same.

Rarrie Wed 29-Jun-05 14:18:51

I'd say go for it!

I signed with my DD. At 7 months, she learnt the sign for water, but that was it, her only sign until she got to 12 months and then it ballooned. By 14 months, she had over 40 signs, but 16 months, it was over 80. At one point, she was learning a new sign at least every day.

Then she learnt to speak. And she lost all interest in signing. She will sign words if she already knows the sign, but is not interested in learning new signs. She is now 19 months and has over 100 spoken words (and even more signs!) which is over double the average for her age. She is already putting together two word sentences and beginning to put together three word sentences.

She was recently assessed for her language and I was told that she is "advanced" in her comprehension of language and her ability to communicate. We virtually never have tantrums from lack of communication either - she can say (or sign) practically everything she wants to. I believe that the signing has really aided her communication, as I found that when you sign, you slow down what you are saying, and you really make sure they understand, as you get them to sign back etc.

The research backs this up too - it says that signing can encourage language development, and further, some research says that babies who sign show greater intelligence at aged 8!

However, for me, that's not the real benefit from signing, I'd say the real benefit is that you get to know your child that much better. At 15 months, my child was able to communicate that she didn't like the dark, when she was feeling sad, when she had a pain etc etc. Things there's no way I would have known without, as she still can't say 'sad', 'pain', 'light' etc and her language skills are, apparently, advanced!

So I'd really encourage it. Have a look at a few other websites where signing mums talk, and you'll see that my child is nothing special - many parents who sign can tell similar stories!!

wangle99 Sat 23-Jul-05 22:02:32

Another one here saying go for it!

We started signing with DS when he was about 6 months, he started signing back at roughly 10 months and now is 21 months and signs loads and talks loads too!

I can honestly say he has never had a tantrum through lack of understanding, he has tantrums because i've said 'no you can't have a biscuit/cake/banana' but not because I don't understand him.

What amazes me is what DS notices, he will hear things that I probably wouldn't notice (is forever telling (signing) to me 'listen bike' or 'listen tractor'. He is obsesssed with spiders, flies and worm (such a boy!) and is always running into the house signs one of those things for me to go and look at!

I cannot understand why anyone wouldn't want to sign with their baby, it really does give you an understanding into what they want, can see and can hear

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