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Spanish DVDs?

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siski Sat 27-Jun-09 22:52:21

Does anyone know of any decent singing/word fun DVDs that are in Spanish? We've got Sesame St (Plaza Sesamo) but there must be others... Any advice appreciated.
PS I've tried animation like Madagascar or Winnie the Pooh but my daughter's not old enough to concentrate on following a story yet

plisplas Sun 28-Jun-09 22:20:02

Cantajuegos. Have look in Youtube. It is good fun, songs with actions.

plisplas Sun 28-Jun-09 22:21:45

Also, check in television a la carta, infantiles you can find what Spanish kids are watching at the moment. Some programs are like the English ones (Dora, Arthur, koala brothers...). My ds loves watching them!

Shitemum Sun 05-Jul-09 01:37:34

Just wondering if your Plaza Sesamo is the Spanish-made version, dubbed into Spanish from USA version or Mexican-made version?

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