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Help! Welsh speakers with little girls . . .

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Takver Tue 21-Apr-09 21:13:25

DD would like to read Rainbow Magic and Animal Ark books in Welsh . . . I cannot find them on the library search pages or on Amazon . . . any ideas as to titles??? We have tried direct translation of the titles and variations but are getting nowhere and my Welsh is not up to that much creative inspiration as to alternatives that they might have used.

I cannot believe that no-one has translated these books into Welsh (in fact, if they haven't, someone is missing a good business opportunity grin ) and I'd really like to avoid having to traipse in to the big library to hunt for them.

School are a bit touchy about not having chapter books available for KS1 children, so I'd rather not ask there as I think they will take it as criticism (which its not, but I figure its good to encourage dd to read more in Welsh if she is keen).

Any suggestions gratefully received . . .

CMOTdibbler Tue 21-Apr-09 21:18:08

There is a 'Childrens books in Welsh' catalogue here available to download - should tell you if they are available or not

Takver Tue 21-Apr-09 21:54:47

Many thanks for that link - can't find them on a first scan, so maybe its not me failing to find them but they're not available - seems very strange though - why Horrid Henry but not Rainbow Magic??? Or maybe I just haven't found them yet . . . lots of pages of Welsh books anyway, there must be something dd fancies in that lot!

mejon Wed 22-Apr-09 14:55:32

DD is only 2.8 so I'm not up to speed on school age books yet. How old is your DD and who is the author of the books you are looking for? I'll have a look in the catalogue CMOTdibbler has linked to to see if there's anything there.

Takver Wed 22-Apr-09 16:16:02

Hi mejon, I'm pretty sure that they're not there - its the Rainbow Magic fairy books by Daisy Meadows and the Animal Ark books by Lucy Daniels. But I'd welcome a second look - many thanks!

mejon Wed 22-Apr-09 17:28:46

Drawn a blank I'm afraid. I've tried variations of 'cyfieithiad cymraeg...' but nothing is coming up. It would appear that they haven't been translated (or are very well hidden if they have). Hopefully I'm wrong and someone who knows better will be along soon.

Takver Wed 22-Apr-09 19:33:17

Many thanks for looking, I am slightly reassured that I wasn't just being hopeless. I think that someone is missing a trick given how many Welsh speaking little girls there are . . .

moondog Wed 22-Apr-09 22:57:49

I don't know these books. Your local library can do a search and if available, call them in from another library.

Takver Thu 23-Apr-09 08:49:52

They can . . . but she doesn't speak Welsh at all and is even less likely to find them on the catalogue than I am grin

forevergold Fri 24-Apr-09 23:50:52

Takver~does your dd read and speak welsh fluently already?What yr is she in?

Takver Sat 25-Apr-09 10:22:48

The 'she' in my previous post who doesn't speak Welsh btw was the librarian in our local library!

DD's in yr 2 - she speaks fluently although we're not Welsh speakers (I can understand & get by in casual conversation but nothing more).

She reads a lot at home, but in English, and we've just been through that conversation at school (which I always swore I would never have, but dd has been moaning more & more) about 'why is she reading 'Ty Owen Bowen' in class when at home she's reading long chapter books (a lot, she's a very keen reader).

We've sort of discussed it before, when the answer was that they wanted the children to work their way through all the more basic books, to make sure that they were expanding their vocabulary. And also that they don't have any chapter books in the yr 2 class

Since dd was keen to read some longer books, but obviously has a more limited vocabulary in Welsh as she only uses it at school, the Rainbow Magic & Animal Ark seemed like a good place to start, as she likes them but they are pretty simple stories.

In fact since I had a chat with the teacher last week she's obviously been thinking about it - particularly since DD is not the only fluent reader in the class - and has found a box of longer stories which they are now getting to take home, so I think things have resolved themselves.

Harri1 Mon 22-Jun-09 15:35:38

Try this website, it is all in welsh I'm afraid but look for ffuglen i plant and you'll find chapter books for younger children and I'm sure if you rang them up someone would help you in english

Essie3 Tue 30-Jun-09 22:14:06

How about gwales which is where I buy and search for Welsh books? It's a bilingual site, and you can buy directly from them.

I have a boy though and we're at the Maisy level (Mali in Welsh!).

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