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Does your bilingual child speak with an accent in either language?

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emkana Wed 27-Apr-05 08:59:36

Dd1 speaks both English and German very well now (she's nearly four). But the hilarious thing is that she speaks German with an English accent. Really makes me laugh - and I wonder where she gets it from? The only people she speaks German with (myself and my family when we're in Germany) certainly don't have an English accent!

I wonder if she will grow out of it...

ggglimpopo Wed 27-Apr-05 09:41:26

Message withdrawn

JanH Wed 27-Apr-05 09:49:25

Message withdrawn

Hausfrau Wed 27-Apr-05 11:21:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ggglimpopo Wed 27-Apr-05 11:26:51

Message withdrawn

albert Wed 27-Apr-05 11:29:23

DS speaks English and Italian without an accent and Portuguese with Italian inntonation but if he doesn't know a word in Portuguese he says it in English with a Portuguese accent. That goes for names too, you should hear him say Buzz Lightyear in Portuguese, it cracks me up.

ggglimpopo Wed 27-Apr-05 11:31:24

Message withdrawn

albert Wed 27-Apr-05 11:34:46

DH is Brazilian!

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