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Need to learn Spanish. Tips please

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Starbear Fri 06-Mar-09 08:48:37

I'm dyslexic but I need to learn Spanish for work. Any tips? I can converse a little but I now need to get to grips with the academics to pass exams. Help!

bramblebooks Fri 06-Mar-09 09:18:36

Do as much oral work as possible using cds and downloadable mp3 stuff. I think you can get a course on cd which you use on the computer so that the written works in with the oral at the same time, which would be a good approach.

Starbear Fri 06-Mar-09 09:28:02

Thank you. It's the written work I really have problems with not conversation. I might get a cd & write it down good idea. I hate teachers looking down their nose at me saying 'it's so simple!'

Cies Fri 06-Mar-09 09:35:01

I think learning as an adult can be more rewarding than as a child, because you can go with your own learning style. How do you normally learn things? By hearing them? By writing it down again and again? By thinking of pictures? Think about your learning style and try to incorporate your Spanish learning into this. Here's a link to hep you diagnose your style.

Are you doing it all on your own with a book/cd or are you going to classes? Could you find a private teacher?

Having the motivation of having to learn for work should help you. Are they giving you a test? Will you have to travel for work? Or will it be mostly reading journals or writing emails? All of these things require different skills. You can concentrate first of all on the most relevant ones.

Good luck!

smugmumofboys Fri 06-Mar-09 09:39:19

I teach languages to adult learners and I certainly don't look down my nose at students.

You could try an evening class or, if there are several colleagues who need Spanish, you could get your employer to contact the local college to come out to you. I'm about to start French tuition in a local business one lunchtime a week.

Starbear Fri 06-Mar-09 10:09:46

Cies I'm hoping to help visitors to the olympics in 2012. I will have to be able to help them problems & possible write reports interpreting what has been said for legal reasons. Thank you for the link.
smugmum My mother is Spanish but it's a long story why I don't speak to her in Spanish (won't bore you) native teachers have always been a bit sniffy when I reveal this. Ok I've answered my own question don't tell them.

Cies Fri 06-Mar-09 12:50:19

It seems to me if a teacher is sniffy then you don't go back to them! Really, they are not paid to judge you or look down on you. They are there to help you. smile

I also teach adult learners (English in Spain) and tailor my classes to the learners needs and tastes. You have some time before the Olympics, no? So maybe a class once or twice a week plus some studying at home would be enough. Is there any chance of a trip to Spain? OR even a language course in Spain [being extravagant with other people's money emoticon]!

Have you tried reading any websites about relevant topics in Spanish? Then you could pick up some useful vocabulary and later on write summaries for yourself.

I have to say I really do think the key to adult learning is motivation. It sounds like this is a great opportunity, and you've got time to achieve it.

Good luck again!

Starbear Fri 06-Mar-09 16:39:05

Thanks, Cies I've been in and out of classes in my youth. One Spanish class the teacher really didn't like me but I met my best friend of 15 years there. I'm going to Spain to see my aunt this Summer. I really don't think I could afford a Spanish Course in Spain as I would want my Ds with me & DH. You have got me thinking 1) The Home PC hadn't been invented when I last did a course
2)I need to get motivated
3) I could save up for a course for me and Ds in Spain. I would love to spend time in Conil, Costa de Luz maybe I can when I stop paying for Ds's nursery fees next year I can save up.
Again Thanks

Cies Fri 06-Mar-09 18:27:54

Conil is lovely - I have a friend who lives there smile.

amunt Sun 21-Aug-11 20:30:54


The lessons are free and easy to follow.

Terrry Thu 06-Oct-11 11:46:20

I have been trying to learn Spanish for over a year and have tried many different ways but by far the best one is this:
It teaches how to speak in sentences right from the start so you feel you are getting somewhere and the lessons are clear and easy to remember.
You can try the method out free.

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