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Any Spanish speaking mums around Winchester?

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lucy5 Thu 31-Mar-05 08:10:20

Hi still trying to find a place for my friend to live in Uk. She has to return to Spain in 2-3 years and needs to keep her2 year old dd Spanish up. Any advice on winchester and surrounds would be appreciated, nanny au pair agencies, clubs, anything really . Thanks

Tommy Thu 31-Mar-05 08:51:17

I belive the NCT in Winchester are quite active - you or your friend could try
I met a few Winchester mums when I did post natal yoga (I live in Southampton) and I'm sure there are at least one or two Winchester people on MN!
Good luck

Tommy Thu 31-Mar-05 08:53:48

And, in answer to your question on the other thread!, about 40 mins.

Don't know about the Spanish bit though - sorry

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