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English-speaking mims or mums to be in Lyon area of France ?

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GKB Wed 10-Dec-08 09:26:03

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any English-speaking mums or mums to be in or around Lyon ? I'm expecting my first baby and have been living in the area for six years.

Othersideofthechannel Thu 11-Dec-08 14:43:30


There are several English speaking mothers in France who post from time to time in Living Overseas. I don't recall anyone from Lyon but I don't remember much these days.

You could try there.

GKB Fri 12-Dec-08 07:02:59

Thanks, I'll have a look. I'm new to this so just getting my bearings.
Thansk again for the advice.

Othersideofthechannel Fri 12-Dec-08 09:35:41


Annya Wed 31-Dec-08 12:54:46

I am English and I live in Lyon. IMy son is nearly 2. There is also an English mums playgroup, which I have just discovered. If u like I will try and find their contact details?

GKB Mon 19-Jan-09 07:23:07

Hi, that would be great. I have heard of an English mums group but not sure if it's the same one. Thanks

internationalbeeboo Mon 02-Feb-09 10:54:49

Hello there, I'm from the UK and have been living in Lyon for 10 years now. There are loads of English-speaking mums here! I am a member of the English Speaking Mothers' Group (which may be what Annya was talking about) which organises lots of activities, including a baby group for people who've just had or are expecting. There are contact details on the site, so come along and meet up!

croixrousse Tue 08-Sep-09 14:48:15

Hi, do any of you live in the Croix Rousse area? It would be nice to meet up.

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