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Spanish classes for babies

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fredly Thu 17-Mar-05 14:46:32

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knows/has heard of language classes, particularaly Spanish, for babies in my area - I'm in Norfolk. My dd is 6mths old, is brought up in French and English and I'd really like her to get used to a 3rd language as early as possible.

Chandra Tue 05-Apr-05 04:05:47

well, never heard of language clases for babies before but being raising a baby with three languages is already somewhat complex. He understands everything in the three languages but babbles in the three of them so we can assume that we are a bit behind in communication. The only suggestion I can make is to hire a Spanish speaking nanny.

fsmail Sun 10-Apr-05 16:49:56

I have started italian classes for babies in the Birmingham area and am currently looking to expand this to French and Spanish in different areas. If you are interested in joining please look at

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