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German parents in Northants/ Bucks?

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ilkainnorthants Wed 20-Aug-08 21:04:33

Hi, I live in Wellingborough (Northamptonshire) with my English hubby and my 2 boys (4 and 18mths). I'd love to meet up with other German parents in the area. My husband doesn't speak any German so I am the only source of German for my kids and it just doesn't seem enough. My 4 year old understands everythings but will always answer back in English. I'd love to do something about that. Would be great to hear from anyone out there. Thanks

hobbity Mon 25-Aug-08 07:46:19

Hiya I live in Ely, which isnt "that" far away. Although I'm British my husband is Austrian and I work for an Austrian company. We speak German at home and with the children (daughter 10 and son 18 months). I got a normal satellite dish installed so that we could get German TV (its free!) and I pick up nursery rhyme CDs and books every time I go back to Austria.

ilkainnorthants Tue 26-Aug-08 14:37:16

We've got a SKY TV satellite dish but I never thought that you could get German TV with it. I'll look into that. I do expose my sons to a lot of German books, films and audio tapes. My main problem is probably hubby who simply cannot pick up the language and so we cannot keep our home 'English free'. And with that it became a habit that my son speaks ENglish and I talk back in German. Probably the wrong way of doing it.

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