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polish playgroup

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kuta Wed 20-Aug-08 13:37:59

Hi everyone,

i know you probably think there is more polish then english living in uk at present, especially in the plumbers/builders population, but i am polish and i don't know any! i've lived in london for over 5 years now. my dd is 8 m o and i'm trying to find a polish playgroup - type -palce where she can hear others speaking polish. i really want her to be bilingual (so many benefits!) but i'm the only person who speaks to her in polish (husband australian) and with her in nursery 3 days a week it will be even worse.

any ideas anyone? we live in north london, but i don't mind a bit of travel

possiblymaybe Wed 20-Aug-08 13:50:06

Witaj kuta

I'm polish and I live in north London (n8) too!
My dd is 15 m old and I'd love her to be bilingual as well. She will be soon going to nursery too so it's important to have as much contact as possible with polish when she's not there.
I know of polish playgroup in wood green but we don't go there at the moment as I've got few polish mums to meet with.

I'm actually thinking of setting up polish playgroup myself soon. Fancy joining in?

If you fancy meeting up in a park or having a coffee please get in touch. My email is possibly2008 at yahoo dot co dot uk


kuta Mon 25-Aug-08 13:18:19


sent you an email. did you get it?

would love to go for a coffee sometime, and most definitely join the playgroup.

my email address:


jessia Thu 18-Sep-08 10:18:53


I can't help you as I'm in the opposite situation to you - English mum bringing up 2 bilingual DDs in Poland (Polish DH), with no other sources of English around, Polish playschool, Polish ILs, Polish TV etc etc. but just wanted to reassure you that as long as you are consistent and only (or at least 95% of the time) speak Polish to them they will be more or less bilingual - you are their Mum after all and always will be.

My girls (3 and 5) speak fluent Polish and virtually fluent English. Sometimes they substitute a word from the other language when they haven't got time to stop and think but when prompted they can always put the correct version in. Makes for some wonderful mishmashes that only we can understand (e.g. "spocona koldra" = spotty duvet grin or mama sprząta "huwaczem" = with the hoover grin)
Enjoy - it's a wonderful thing - and hope you get together!

Threadwworm Thu 18-Sep-08 10:22:56

I hope you manage to establish a polish playgroup kuta and possiblymaybe. My DH is Anglo-Polish -- his Dad came to England as a child in the last years of the Second World War (after a terrible epic journey through Siberia, Iran, India, etc) and his mum arrived in England in the 1960s. DH went to Polish Saturday School and Polish Scouts in Oldham, and has so many happy memories from these.

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