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whats french for Down Syndrome??

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blossom2 Wed 12-Jan-05 17:59:00

I've tried a couple of translation sites on the web but its a little confusing.

Can anyone tell me what the french term is for Downs Syndrome?? I've got my first scan at 9.00am tomorrow and want to know if they will be testing it then or is it a blood test. (live in paris btw)

Many thanks

Marina Wed 12-Jan-05 18:06:28

Trisomie 21, blossom2. Babies with a chromosome disorder such as Down's, Patau's or Edwards', are known in French as Bebes trisomiques.
Here is a French language website from which I got this info, hope it helps
Marina the Health Moderator

JanH Wed 12-Jan-05 18:06:53

It's "bébé trisomiques", blossom.

blossom2 Wed 12-Jan-05 18:27:33

thank you .. feel much better now!!

Marina Fri 14-Jan-05 10:12:53

Ca c'est passe comment, Blossom? Bien, j'espere.
JanH, I am hoping there is not a specific reason for you to be familiar with that vocab?

JanH Fri 14-Jan-05 10:15:51

Marina, don't worry, I just went googling as usual and found it on the same site as you!

Hope your scan went well, blossom, and you got a good look at your little bean!

blossom2 Fri 14-Jan-05 10:49:58

thanks JanH. the scan went really well. i was really impressed with the quality and you could see everything (even at 12wks), from the heart, spine, brain!! it was reassuring and he/she was moving loads. i'm very happy .

sorry Marina - i've not idea what you've said!!!

Marina Fri 14-Jan-05 10:52:53

I said what JanH said, in French blossom
So glad it went well .
I'm pleased to hear that JanH! Imagination working overtime etc.

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