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Any German speaking families in Cardiff area?

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kiss77de Thu 11-Jul-13 13:58:03

Just wondering if anyone is still reading this thread. I am due in October and we will be bringing our baby up bilingually (German/English) so I am keen to meet other German speaking mums and their little ones so that our baby can be exposed to as much German as possible. We live in Bridgend but work in Penarth/Cardiff and Swansea so happy to meet mums in or around any of those places.

duvetandchocs Thu 05-Jun-08 15:01:05

Message deleted

crochetdiva Wed 14-May-08 14:12:56

I don't speak German, but I know a lady in my baby yoga class who has a baby and is German-speaking (actually, perhaps it's you) ... the baby yoga class meets on a Monday, at the Kymin in Penarth ... let me know if you are the person in my class .... smile

timsmama Wed 14-May-08 14:09:13

Hi again! I didnt actually go to any groups in cardiff as we were already in lancaster by the time ds was born. Here a lot of the churches run baby groups. also, the NCT usually runs at least 2 different groups (Bumps &Babes and Babies&Toddlers)in most areas. Contact your local NCT, I am sure they can help you. It was at one of the NCT groups in Lancaster that I was given a list of all baby groups in the area which was very helpful! Good luck, it is great to get out with the little one!

mejon Thu 08-May-08 14:30:11

Bit of a long-shot I know, but I used to take DD swimming to Llanishen Leisure Centre on either a Tuesday or Wednesday morning (I can't remember which I'm sorry) and there were often a couple of German speaking mums there with toddlers. Might be worth a visit?

craftlover Wed 07-May-08 23:23:41

Hi timsmama, thanks for the post. I will have a look what groups are available in my area. Where in Cardiff did you go to babygroups?

timsmama Sun 04-May-08 21:37:54

Hi craftlover! I am also German and used to live in Cardiff. we are in Lancaster now and still miss Cardiff a lot! Have you tried baby groups yet? I found that baby groups are great places to meet fellow Germans!

craftlover Sat 03-May-08 23:20:36

I am German and had a baby girl in January 2008. I speak mostly German with her and my husband only speaks English. I would love her to have the opportunity to meet other German speaking children about her own age. Does anybody live in the Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan or Rhondda Cynon Taff area who speaks German with their children and would like to meet up?

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