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Does anyone want to learn Italian?

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spacedonkey Sat 11-Dec-04 15:02:39

I've decided to set aside one hour a day to learn Italian. I've got the Michel Thomas course and the Hugo Learn Italian book. Does anyone want to join me and practice on here?

noddyholder Sat 11-Dec-04 15:04:16

I ahve always wanted to!What does it involve?

spacedonkey Sat 11-Dec-04 15:06:46

Well I've got this book : hugo Italian in Three Months (published by DK). I thought I'd work through the book and use the Michel Thomas as a supplement to it (had the idea of bunging the Michel Thomas CDs on at night time). If you got hold of same book we could work through it together or I could post exercises on here or something like that?

Perhaps ks or other Italian speakers could advise?

noddyholder Sat 11-Dec-04 15:14:57

ok I'll look for the book this week and I'll be in touch asap

spacedonkey Sat 11-Dec-04 15:15:30

great noddy

feastofstevenmom Sat 11-Dec-04 20:07:31

i have an extremely rusty Italian GCSE, so would love to have some beginner level practice!

GingerBells Sat 11-Dec-04 20:17:42

Ooh, I did Italian about ten years ago. I speak a bit of spanish too and tend to mix the two up. Will dig out the old books and join in with you all.

GingerBells Sun 12-Dec-04 00:45:30

Ciao tutti studenti!!

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 01:01:02

Ciao gingerbells! (not bad eh? )

GingerBells Sun 12-Dec-04 01:19:38

Ciao! Is that it!?
(Oh go on then it is gone 1am......)
We could start with
buon giorno come sta? (good morning, how are you?)
or vorrei una birra. Salute! (I'd like a beer. Cheers!)

GingerBells Sun 12-Dec-04 01:21:20

See, the useful stuff you always remember.
How to order a beer in 10 European languages - there is a challenge!

GingerBells Sun 12-Dec-04 01:23:35

tee hee hicc!

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 01:24:07

sono bene grazie, come stai?

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 01:25:37

(have no idea if that's right, is it sort of right-ish?)

GingerBells Sun 12-Dec-04 01:29:54

Brava Spacedonkey!

looks right to me.

oh oh, DD is crying, can we continue the lesson tomorrow?

night night

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 01:30:18

buona notte!

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 13:53:18

Ciao tutti

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 14:24:18

sono solo

wobblystarryknicks Sun 12-Dec-04 14:27:38

I'd love to sd! I've got the BBC course and keep meaning to do more but have only done the first half hour!!!

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 14:29:53

I like fiddling around with the Altavista Babelfish Translator

It's quite a good tool to help see how sentences are constructed n stuff

Are you going to join the Parliamo Italiano club then wobbly?

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 14:30:50

Mind you, I'm not quite sure how it'll work on here. Perhaps we can post exercises for everyone to do or something

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 14:32:41

Then we can have a mumsnet field trip to Italy and practice our lingo skills on all those delicious giovani

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 14:35:20

or should that be giovani squisiti

wobblystarryknicks Sun 12-Dec-04 14:37:51

Si sd!! Am not sure how it would work on here but just knowing other people are learning will give me a bit of a kick up the @rse to do it!!!

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 14:39:16

Possiamo parlare dei giovani squisiti in italiano

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