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Any SALTS out there, my dts have been assessed today, and the SALT said their speech problems were very unusual and complex

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Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 13:19:56

What does this mean? All I could get out of her was that she couldn't say more until they were assessed more thouroughly over a course of a couple of assessments with a therapist getting to know them.
They both have different problems, but odd speech problems, not the usual ones.
I knew that they would need to see a SALT, but am a bit thrown by how seriously she talked about the problem.
I know its not a lot to go on, but why would they both have severe speech problems of a different nature, if my dh and I speak clearly and talk a lot to them?

ChipButty Fri 15-Feb-08 13:25:22

I would ring the SALT and ask her these questions - even if she can't put her finger on anything specific before further assessments take place, she could probably reassure you a bit. God luck.

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 13:27:17

Thanks ChipButty, I met with her today, and asked her lots of questions, but I don't know whether she was being evasive, or if she just didn't want to say more until they were further assessed, but all she would stress is how unusual their speech patterns were.
She did say she didn't think it was anything that we had done or not done.

Anna8888 Fri 15-Feb-08 13:29:34

Overrun - how old are your twins?

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 13:31:19

They are 3 years and 3 months Anna.

Anna8888 Fri 15-Feb-08 13:32:58

Overrun - exactly the same age as my daughter (born 9 November 2004) smile.

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 13:33:57

Mine are Oct smile

Anna8888 Fri 15-Feb-08 13:37:20

What are the problems with their speech that you recognised yourself?

soph28 Fri 15-Feb-08 13:41:43

yeah could you describe what their language abilities are ATM?

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 13:44:45

Well dt1 muffles sounds so he will say "Med" instead of "Red" or "Worry" instead of "Sorry". He is also a bit basic in his sentence construction still saying "me want that"
Dt2 does speak in sentences but will then suddenly babble, and also he tends to put this guttural "CH" sound in front of things like "CHouse" insead of "House", he is the hardest to understand I suppose.
Putting like that, I can see that they need to have speech therapy, which I am not querying. I was just a bit thrown by how serious she thought their speech problems were sad

Anna8888 Fri 15-Feb-08 13:51:26

Well, they seem to be talking, which is what matters smile.

My daughter's speech doesn't worry me in the slightest but she says dappy with a kind of nasal D instead of nappy, skack instead of snack...

Anna8888 Fri 15-Feb-08 13:52:27

Please don't worry too much smile

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 13:54:09

Most children have things they mis pronounce I guess. Which is what I have told myself when I have worried about them before, but now to be told that it is all so serious, well I wish I had not been so relaxed about it.
I think some sounds come later for children anyway, I'm sure your daugther is fine. A good indicatiion is whether you are worried or not, and I have been a bit anxious abou the dts speech for a while now

Hassled Fri 15-Feb-08 13:54:27

Hopefully just as something you can rule out, have a look at verbal dyspraxia symptoms. The Dyspraxia Foundation ( website is better and they will email you a pdf factsheet. My youngest DS has this - has gone from unintelligible at 3 to amost always intelligible at 5.5, after a lot of speech therapy. Please don't worry - whatever the problems with your DTs are, SALTs do work wonders.

Anna8888 Fri 15-Feb-08 13:57:51

Have you googled Speech Difficulties in Twins, or something similar? There's lots of research on twin speech - might be an idea to read up on things.

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 14:00:21

thanks Hassled, its always really useful to hear about different things like this. MN is a mine of information.
My ds1 who is in speech therapy has made great strides, but his problems were not so servere to begin with. As you say, they can work wonders. I'm pleased for you and your son that he is getting better smile

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 14:03:23

sorry missed you the first time Soph, I suppose basically they are both just really hard to understand and they seem to pronoucne things in their own speicial way smile
Anna, I know that twins speech is often delayed which is one of the reasons I havne't been too worried up until now. They can also develop twinspeak, where they almost develop their own language. I don't know whether they do this a bit.

3Ddonut Fri 15-Feb-08 14:06:05

Could it be, that rather than your SALT trying to be evasive and worrying you that she simply doesn't know what the problem is yet, hence, the need for more assessment?

Desiderata Fri 15-Feb-08 14:08:33

Anna888, it would seem that your dd and my ds share a birthday smile

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 14:08:45

Probably 3Ddonut grin I tend to worry about things like this, but she did look very concerned and said things like "It wouldn'b be fair to you, not to let you know how serious this is", and that worried me sad

3Ddonut Fri 15-Feb-08 14:13:04

Why oh why would a 'health professional' say this and then not clarify it? I'm sorry that you're going through this, you should phone them and say that you were thinking about what they had said during your last meeting and you'd like them to clarify a few points. Hopefully things will improve quickly.

They're still only little,
and 'professionals' aren't right all the time. Think positive, if you can remain positive you will let your dts see that it is something that can be beaten and you will be more proactive on the treatment too. Good luck, thinking of you. smile

Anna8888 Fri 15-Feb-08 14:13:59

Desiderata - smile

Anna8888 Fri 15-Feb-08 14:16:28

Overrun - I don't think your SALT was being very helpful or professional, stressing how worried she was but not clarifying why. This is really quite unusual IME - mostly health professionals are taught to be evasive until final assessment. Maybe she just doesn't know her stuff?

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 14:17:35

I know 3Ddonut, she was very nice, but did manage to freak me out, with such comments. I wondered why she said these things and then refused to elaborate about concerns? I might ring her to discuss it, but if as she says we are going to be seen very soon, perhaps I wont have long to wait and ponder.

Overrun Fri 15-Feb-08 19:12:02

I don't suppose Moondog is around is she?

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