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any bulgarian mums or mums to be in sutton area

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happy81 Mon 28-Jan-08 16:16:26

hi,my baby is due in july.
i ama bulgarian and do not know any other mums to be in this area.will be nice if i can find someone interested on meeting for a chat and cake

matso Thu 06-Mar-08 11:47:28

hello i am not bulgarian but live in bulgaria married to a bulgarian and have twin daughters...I also know Sutton worked in Tadworth a few years back. Hope you are not to lonely! Hows the pregnancy going not long till July now! I first came to Bulgaria 1994 then again when my babies were 4 months old (they are nearly 3 now)do you miss here?

happy81 Sat 15-Mar-08 11:20:55

hi matso,
nice to hear from you.where do you live in you like there.
i had my 20 weeks scan last wednesday.they said everything looks ok.i am feeling lots of kickings
sometimes i really feel lonely because everybody i know are at work.keep in touch
take care

matso Sat 15-Mar-08 19:14:31

I am in Vidin yes i like it , its quiet and calm not like London! Glad your scan went ok nice you are feeling the baby, will you get help when the baby is born your family or doing all yourself?
You know there is a church in london at the bulgarian embassy maybe you could meet people there! if you can get up there ofcourse not easy when you are pregnant!
Stay Well its awful not to have anyone to talk too! and you are there without your family i presume its hard i know!

happy81 Mon 17-Mar-08 13:15:56

hi,hope you are well
sometimes is really strange to stay at home all day because i used to work alot.anyway i try to fill my days and do things i have not got time to do before.
my mum and mum in low will help me with the baby.but for now i thing i want to look after the baby on my own and they can come when they like from time to time(not for long.will see.

Chaotica Mon 31-Mar-08 17:51:59

Dear Happy81 smile

I'm not a bulgarian either, but I used to live there (was a student there in 1988 and 1992 in Sofia then Veliko Turnovo). My bulgarian is terrible now (although I've taught dd to count to pet...) I'm not in your area or I'd suggest meeting up, I hope you find someone closer. Good luck with your pregnancy.

happy81 Thu 10-Apr-08 12:27:23

Hi Chaotica,
it does not matter you are not bulgarian.
anyway thanks for you message.we can stay in touch.take care

ivet83 Mon 21-Apr-08 16:23:26

Hi happy81, az sam balgarka i jiveia v centralen London do victoria station. ot koga si tuk? az ot 6 godini omajena s da6teri4ka na 3 godini.pi6i ako iska6

happy81 Tue 29-Apr-08 13:51:08

zdravei ivet83.tukmo ti vidqh saob6tenieto i mnogo se poznavam nikakvi balkarki s deca.imam samo edna priatelka koqto e bremennai 4aka bebe vseki moment.
az sam v london ot okolo 5 godini i polovina.sa6to sam omajena i s maja mi o4akvame parvoto si dete.ti tuk li si rajdala.
az jiveq v morden
6te se radvam da si pi6em.

duvetandchocs Thu 05-Jun-08 14:54:33

Message deleted

Zheni Thu 07-Aug-08 21:17:46

Ot skoro zhiveia v Sutton i imam momchence na dve I polovina. Mnogo bih iskala da se zapoznaya s drugi Bylgarski maiki zhiveeshti v Sutton. Pozdravi!

myspace1 Wed 13-Aug-08 13:20:26

Hi,happy81,i am not bulgarian,i am croatian.i live in carshalton,i have 2children.i would love to met up with someone from our side of the world.pls call me if u want to meet up,07914816772.

happy81 Sun 24-Aug-08 21:39:09

zdravei ve4e imam momi4ence-na 1 mesec.zatova i ne sam vlizala izob6to v mumsnet 4e ne mi ostava nikakvo vla6tnost jiveq v morden no 6te bade hubavo da se jalost malkata sega e vav faza v koqto iska postoqnno da qde i az ne moga da mardam mnogo ot vka6ti.6te ti pi6a skoro i 6te se razberem da se vidim.pozdravi

happy81 Sun 24-Aug-08 21:42:24

hi myspace.i have 1 month daughter and you can imagine i am very busy.but any way will be very nice to see you and when i get chance will call you to meet up.regards

happy81 Tue 21-Oct-08 21:48:38

zdravei Zheni,
da6terq mi ve4e e po-golqma i mojem da hodim na po-dalgi razhodki.iska6 li da se razberem da se vidim v sutton

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