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Irish Language Playgroup Liverpool

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amberkenya Wed 09-Jan-08 21:04:59

Are you interested in heping to set up an Irish language playgroup in Liverpool? All welcome - spoken Irish not necessary. email

beanati39 Tue 22-Jan-08 21:42:52

Trying to setting up an Irish immersion preschool in London- a naíscoil. Info night 4 Feb 08 Brixton see

Rock on bilingual education, great for children, more choice for parents.

All welcome, non-denominational, don't need to be or speak Irish, voluntary committee.

amberkenya Fri 22-Feb-08 21:29:21

Hi there
Many thanks - we heard about you in Lá and this is partly what inspired the playgroup. We had our first session last Saturday - five children came along! Will check out your website - any advice most welcome - we would love to be able to do what you are doing.

ll31 Mon 21-Jul-08 02:23:01

tá súil agam go bhfuil gach rud le do naíonra agus scoil go hiontach! Táim i mo chónaí i BAC agus mo mhac ag dul go gaelscoil - - - ceapaim gur rud iontach é an "bilingualism" - -tá sé ag fhoghlaim fraincis anois . .. anyway, good luck!!!

QueenyEisGotTheBall Mon 21-Jul-08 02:44:15

hismile where in liverpool are you?
i have been looking for a playgroup for my DD who is 2.5 yo. we are not irish speaking so i hope this wont matter too muchsmile i dont know anyone else who have any children as all of my friends are young free and single and i am the only young married and child rearingsmile please let me know if i would not fit in or whatever and i will maybe put a little thread on as i think this is a marvelous idea! thanksgrin
xx ei xx

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