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la jolie ronde

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choufleur Sun 14-Oct-07 19:11:13

hi just wondering of anyone has any experiences of la jolie ronde. I did french at uni but it's so rusty now that i'm not really confident to speak it properly with ds. thought la jolie ronde might be an idea when he is a bit older (i think they take dcs from 2 1/2) but don't know anyone who has sent their dcs there.

lilospell Sun 14-Oct-07 22:58:16

My DS did la jolie ronde as an after-school activity. I studied languages and was very happy with the way they taught it and what he learnt. Unfortunately they had quite rapid turn over of staff. No experience of it with pre-schoolers, and also this is going back quite a few years so can't say what it's like currently.

sloppysoupdragon Mon 15-Oct-07 22:44:08

Hi I used to teach for La Jolie Ronde. My experience for what is is worth is that it very much depends on the teacher. I think that the curriculum is excellent and I believe it is used extensively in the independent prep school system. I would say to enrol your child and keep an eye out for the calbre o the teacher and that if you have a good feeling about them and your child is enjoying it then go for it.

morocco Mon 15-Oct-07 23:00:58

i do it very part time (nursery) and really like the materials they give us, it's nicely pitched at their level with lots of nice little songs and rhymes. i'm having a ball doing the classes, dancing round waving leaves in the air like the mad hippe type i am underneath. grin perhaps that is not reassuring?? grin honestly, i'm dead professional!

choufleur Tue 16-Oct-07 19:02:57

thanks all - i think i'll contact the local group when ds is a bit older and see what it's like. hopefully it might help me to brush up my french too

mumma2cjh Fri 20-Jun-08 09:02:52

Hey - La Jolie Ronde have an ad running on this section - can you see it?

ilusiones Sun 25-Jul-10 23:49:21

I want to start an after school class with la jolie ronde, anyone have got any idea if it works?
is it good?
please give me some advise.

painauchocolate Mon 09-Aug-10 21:57:04

I havent worked for them but my son goes to their french classes on Saturday morning (I was going to teach him but found it difficult). He loves it and 4 friends from his school go as well, he is always singing the songs and prefers to do this than football! Teacher is reaqlly good. there are only 8 in his class but on Sat mornings she does I think 8 classes from 8.30am and I think she does some mid week so Im guessing it's a good money spinner as we pay £3.85 per class and have to pay before the new term starts

Chica31 Mon 27-Sep-10 20:22:30

I went to the classes in Bingham, Nottingham many, many, many years ago before it was a huge national company. We were used as the testers for the curriculum. The classes were wonderful, it gave me a huge love of languages as a whole. We all loved going to our Saturday morning classes. A great experience!

MonarchoftheGarioch Sat 02-Oct-10 20:57:12

DD1 (6) has just started her second year with La Jolie Ronde. Her school offers it as a lunchtime club. She really enjoys it and is keen to try out what she's learned on us afterwards. Like most things it depends on the teacher, but the system itself seems fun and varied, and the kids get a CD to play at home which she hasn't tired of yet (although I'm getting there wink).

That said, I wouldn't rush into it too soon unless you're going to back it up a lot at home; it's great to start them with a second language as young as possible, but I feel DD has got much more out of it since she's been able to read.

fishingfilly Sun 03-Oct-10 22:38:30

my ds goes on Sat mornings and loves it chose this over foot ball! his teacher too does classes from 9am-1pm every 30 minutes so i also suppose 8 classes on a Sat and done by 1pm not bad earner

hotchocolate42 Thu 27-Jan-11 22:33:25

anyone tell me what it is like to be a franchisee for La Jolie Ronde? Do you get enough help with marketing the business and teaching for classes? How long are you tied in for? Can you open classes in a territory where someone else is teaching?

hotchocolate42 Thu 27-Jan-11 22:34:16

Can anyone tell me what it is like to be a franchisee for La Jolie Ronde? Do you get enough help with marketing the business and teaching for classes? How long are you tied in for? Can you open classes in a territory where someone else is teaching?

Mar4eto1985 Thu 05-Feb-15 22:55:07

Hello,i want to ask you all,after 5 days I will have interview for La jolie ronde but:i am not English,even french.this mean that my english is not so good and my fr is from university abroad(3 years ago I used for last) . Do I have chance in this case,and what kind of questions they ask(in english and in french).please help me.Thank you in advance

Mandie11 Wed 05-Apr-17 08:10:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Mamabear12 Sun 23-Apr-17 20:52:14

You should buy the usborne French sounds book. Basic words in French, but my kids love it and press the buttons etc. They do this on their own and learn the words. I also practice the very basic French words and phrases. I did not speak a word of French and nor did I take it in school. But after a couple months we knew over 200 words/phrases (my dd was 4 and now 5). She now goes to Frenchenglish bilingual school. My son is 3 and has learned the basics. We use the words every day. When they see animals in the park, they will point and say the word in French. Ask for snacks in French. Say please and thank you in french. Etc.

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