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why do they talk so fast at parents meetings?

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debinaustria Wed 19-Sep-07 22:42:27

My head's spinning, trying to concentrate for 1.5 hours on what the teachers are saying in German/dialect. Meetings like this are hard work aren't they?

Hoping that it will get better soon, I do understand more now than last year at the meetings.
Starting an intensive German course soon - 4 Saturdays from 9-4 - yippee. I'm really hoping that it will be good for me as the thought of driving out to Night school through the winter months fills me with dread which is why I haven't done any courses yet.

I have had some lessons from a friend in the village but it's not the same.

wish me luck


dolally Wed 19-Sep-07 22:58:10

I have the same kind of problem in Portuguese...if they speak clearly I'm just about Ok.

Exhausting isn't it?

DD2 had a form teacher for the last two years - such a sweet committed lady but I could not understand A WORD she said. She's one of those people who speak so fast they trip over their words... I used to go to see her, ask her a question... the first two words of her answer would be ok and then she would be off like a rocket. It was UNINTELLIBLE, she'd then finish and look at me for my which time I had no idea what we were now talking about. So embarrassing. blush

berolina Wed 19-Sep-07 23:00:15

As a veteran of an ante-natal course (first baby) held by a wonderful but very verbose midwife in strong Swabian dialect (and I have near-native Hochdeutsch), I sympathise

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