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Help, translation needed please!

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LilRedWG Fri 10-Aug-07 18:42:06

Sorry, I know this is probably the wrong place for this but couldn't decide where to put it, so am putting here and in Chat.

I am taking my DD (15 months) to the south of France for a few days on Sunday, to crash IL's holiday. We will mainly be catering for ourselves but on the off chance we do eat out, can someone please tell me how to explain, in French, that my daughter is milk protein intollerant and cannot have any milk or milk derivatives in her food.

I am that I don't speak French and am fairly certain my FIL's won't stretch this far and DD will end up will a glass of milk topped with cream if he translates

Many thanks in advance!

ib Fri 10-Aug-07 19:03:26

Ma fille ne tolere pas les produits laitiers. Est-ce que il y a des produits laitiers dans xxxx?

I find it a good idea to belabour the point and add 'meme beurre' as a lot of them won't think of it.

It's probably not perfect (and I haven't done accents) but it does work (ds has cmp allergy and we live in France)

AuldAlliance Fri 10-Aug-07 22:21:22

You could also try "ma fille fait une allergie très sévère aux produits laitiers, y compris les produits dérivés" or at least try to stress the word "allergie", to get people's attention.
"Pour des raisons médicales" is usually a good one, too.

LilRedWG Sat 11-Aug-07 11:36:54

Thank you!

MellowMa Sat 11-Aug-07 11:40:41

Message withdrawn

AuldAlliance Sat 11-Aug-07 12:02:54

OP said she posted in 2 different places: maybe you answered her in Chat?

LilRedWG Sat 11-Aug-07 13:11:13

You did Mellowma I didn't know where to post so posted twice

Thanks again!

LilRedWG Fri 24-Aug-07 11:23:55

Translation came in very useful - many thanks all!

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