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Is there anywhere to check what additional languages are on a DVD?

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TheBlonde Thu 24-May-07 11:55:55

Is there anywhere to check what additional languages are on a DVD?

I bought some kids DVDs recently and some came with multiple languages but it doesn't list this info on amazon

fibernie Thu 24-May-07 11:57:47

It's annoying eh? I've posted on here before asking people what languages are on the dvd they have but to no avail
Are you looking for one particular language?

TheBlonde Thu 24-May-07 11:59:49

What about you?

fibernie Thu 24-May-07 12:01:01

We look for Dutch ones but it's easier since we have family/friends who can send them over... Sorry, none of mine have Swedish soundtrack.

serenity Thu 24-May-07 12:06:33

It's annoying isn't it? Some have loads, some have none and it never seems to be the ones we're after. We're after Greek ones. I quite like having it playing in english with the subtitles in greek and vice versa.

TheBlonde Thu 24-May-07 12:16:31

No Greek here

Maisy Animals & Maisy Colours both have Dutch

fibernie Thu 24-May-07 12:20:29

Ta, we've got another Maisy one but then bought one last week and it didn't have Dutch!
Good luck, maybe keep this bumped for a while!

TheBlonde Thu 24-May-07 12:22:37

Yes that's what is so frustrating we have Maisy Farm and it's English only

I'm hoping we will make it over to Sweden in August and we can then buy some over there

serenity Thu 24-May-07 12:34:11

I'll keep my eyes open next time we put a DVD on, for what it's worth Toy Story has pretty much everything on it iirc.

Anna8888 Thu 24-May-07 12:42:54

Normally it's on the back of the box. I agree that's not much use if you're buying on Amazon.

maisemor Thu 24-May-07 12:55:24

We tend to check on the back of the boxes in the shops before we buy them on amazon, but still it is a bit of gamble.

JoannaArcher1 Tue 21-Aug-07 11:30:04


I've had the same problem. Even my local library couldn't tell me about the DVDs they had on the shelves! Obviously it isn't a problem when you have it in your hand...

I am slowly discovering how to tell from the DVD region - which is listed on, say, amazon. European languages are grouped together but it still isn't a guarantee that it will be in the language you are looking for.

I've been trying to expose my son to as many different languages as possible since he was born and now I'm using the experience I have gainied to start selling native-speaking electronic educational toys on-line (watch out for 'LinguaLand'). I probably won't supply DVDs because they are so easy to get elsewhere but I will be compiling a catalogue of the additional languages you can get on popular kids titles and explaining how to get foreign-language kids' TV FREE on satellite etc., for instance Rai due (with lots of kids TV - called RANDOM, like our CBeebies) is 'clear' ie/ unencripted so if you have a dish pointing toward Hotbird (the name of a geostationary satellite above Europe) then you can get it! The dish itself costs around £200 (the cost of ten DVDs??) to buy and have installed and there's no subscription. :-)

Does anyone else have any juicy tips like this?

Jo Archer

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