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Looking for Italian lesson in North London

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calpol Tue 10-Aug-04 21:09:44

Just put this in edcuation thread too.
My dd1 wants to learn Italian. Her dad is half Italain, she knows a few words.
Anyone know of classes in North London?

Many thanks

Roolie Mon 11-Jul-05 15:54:40

Hi there
did you get a reply on this ? looking for italian links in Finchley as I'm due to have my baby in Oct and his father's Italian but living abroad. I speak fluent Italian but am not mother tongue plus I want other environments/forms of communication for him

any advice appreciated

Ellbell Thu 14-Jul-05 00:21:35

Contact the Italian Cultural Institute in London (sorry, don't have number, but they'll be in the phone book). They will be able to put you in touch with someone.

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