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Any Swedish families in Essex/Suffolk?

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Upsidedownteacup Sat 03-Mar-18 22:57:46

We'd love to make friends with some Swedish speaking families in the Essex/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire area. Our children are six and eleven.

mixture Sat 10-Mar-18 15:04:46

Maybe you could look through Facebook? Also, at that age, maybe subscribe to Kamratposten (children's magazine) if you aren't already. There are something like 100,000 Swedes on the British islands so it's not unlikely you'll find someone.

RicottaPancakes Tue 13-Mar-18 22:34:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lady9Stardust Tue 13-Mar-18 22:47:48


We are not far from you in Hertfordshire and there is a weekend Swedish School in Cambridge which my DS attends.

FiveFourTwo Tue 17-Apr-18 18:48:47

I'm Danish grin

Upsidedownteacup Tue 17-Apr-18 21:19:10

Hi FiveFourTwo, My Danish isn't very good! Do you understand Swedish? I know I'm "meant" to understand Danish, but I find spoken Danish quite difficult to understand!

FiveFourTwo Tue 17-Apr-18 22:19:53

Yes I do understand Swedish, to be honest i understand written Swedish better than spoken Swedish. Jeg er faktisk fra London, Og ikke Hertfordshire er 28 år og har tre børn. Forstår du det? grin
Rart at møde dig smile

Upsidedownteacup Thu 19-Apr-18 19:17:10

I do :-) You said that you are actually from london, and not Hertfordshire, you are 28, have three children. Then you asked if I understood and said nice to meet you. It's easier to understand written Danish!

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