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German (speaking) children near Tunbridge Wells/Wadhurst?

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GermanMumSussex Tue 10-Oct-17 13:44:08


I am trying to expose our 5 year old son to some German, ideally by way of meeting up with other German speaking children. We are based in the TW/Wadhurst area.

He is 5 and speaks English but has been exposed to German since he was a baby and understands it perfectly. Just tested it in Germany and he would understand everything and/or ask if he didn't but responded in English.

I know that there is a German school in Tonbridge but I fear this would be too much added to a busy school week.

Freu mich auf Rueckmeldungen!

Metalhead Wed 22-Nov-17 10:14:04

Hi OP, I’m also German with two DDs (7.5 and 2), I think there are quite a few of us in the area! I never took my oldest to the Saturday school either for the same reason, we just watched German DVDs and read books occasionally.

DD1 has only just this last year started to speak any German, which was prompted by meeting some kids she wanted to play with who didn’t speak any English when we were visiting my parents last summer. Before that she hardly ever said anything in German, even though she understood everything. DD2 on the other hand already has quite a few German words and she’s only just started talking!

Not sure I can be of any help with exposing your DS to more German though, as over here DD1 still mostly speaks English (and she certainly would with other English-speaking kids). But maybe this will bump your thread at least and someone else might come along.

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