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Spanish Saturday school

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hibbledobble Sat 16-Sep-17 22:20:11

Anyone know one in North London?

Alternatively, how to best keep up a second language at home when parents aren't fluent? I've been using one third story audiobooks and cds in the car. I have muzzy dvds but she isn't keen.

aurelieb Sat 07-Oct-17 14:49:31


I would say that the best way to keep up the second language is to keep what you're doing + TV in the second language only if possible (Netflix has lots of children programmes in other languages, the best way to find which ones is to use this site:

+ Loads of visits to Spanish speaking countries if you can!

And finally, you should try and meet other families who speak Spanish. Although there are loads of bilingual families in London, it's not always easy to meet them that's why I am trying to launch a website that would enable bilingual families to find others near them who speak the same language (and kids of similar age). More details here:, feel free to circulate!

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