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German ESV, bilingual kids and speech therapy

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toomuchtooold Tue 25-Apr-17 18:10:45

Hi all, I was wondering if there's anyone on here with school age kids in Germany who's been through the ESV (school readiness test, age 5)? My twin girls had their assessment today and they've both been referred for speech therapy as they have trouble pronouncing a few sounds and the Erzieherin thought they were a bit indistinct in repeating back sentences to her. (I think that was probably to do with their German tbh - she was reading them language that I know is above their level in German).

I'm very grateful that they've made the referral but it did make me wonder if we've been a bit too relaxed about everything and whether there's anything extra we should be doing? We put them into kindergarten 18 months ago and basically let them get on with it, and tbh I'm mostly just really impressed that they can use German really well in day to life, they have no bother making themselves understood, they are in the middle of the kindergarten social life etc. If there's anyone who's been through this before, is there anything you would recommend we do/look out for? Thanks!

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