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Dutch or Flemish children in UK

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Rustler74 Thu 09-Feb-17 13:38:17

I'm 5.5 months pregnant, ideal time to start blabbing to bump in my language, Flemish, although I must admit it is declining.
I am hoping that my partner will keep supporting me as much as he is into bringing up our child bilingually. And I'd like to be consequent, but sadly I realised only after my visit to the Belgian embassy that I'd not spoken Flemish when picking up my passport and when enquiringly after Belgian (dual) nationality for my baby.

I know of some success stories as well as families where the Dutch was eventually abandoned due to a variety of reasons. If only there were a group nearby such as my DSIL has for her Japanese. I'm in Hertfordshire
Is anyone else planning to speak Flemish or Dutch to their child? Or doing so already?

Rustler74 Sun 26-Feb-17 21:05:10

Bumping as no reply

Member652554 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:13:05

I plan on teaching my DD as much Dutch as I can but unfortunately I am starting to forget most of it myself as I don't speak it daily.

Rustler74 Sun 16-Apr-17 18:44:00

Which area are you, @Member652554 ?

Member652554 Sun 16-Apr-17 19:37:31

Midlands smile

Rustler74 Sun 16-Apr-17 20:36:40

I'm in herts and also not speaking it daily but I know I won't forgive myself if I don't talk my mother tongue wth my baby x

NuclearMumb Mon 05-Jun-17 00:05:25

When your DC is born, you will speak it daily, and you'll soon be used to it. My kids are 6 and 3, they are both fluent in Dutch (I'm in Surrey). But you will have to be consistent and only speak Flemish, no English, otherwise it won't work so well.
Good luck!

ojalele Mon 05-Jun-17 00:15:07

we tried to speak Dutch to dd when she was little. She was often in tears though as she said she couldn't be herself at home. So we gave up.

We did get a Belgian au-pair some years later which helped.

Letsgohome Mon 05-Jun-17 00:23:52

My sil speaks Flemish to her dc and has dvds in Flemish, also plays Flemish games. They're fluent but prefer to speak in English and will often reply to their extended family in English except for their cousins or other children. They've had the luxury of spending the summers in Belgium which may have helped. They were slightly later with getting started talking but no problems now. Good luck!

Rustler74 Sun 11-Jun-17 11:33:40

I'll get my nephews and niece to come over here and speak Flemish to my son (oh yes he's born now!)
Thanks for your reactions! Still hoping to get local Flemish / Dutch people to socialise!

boldlygoingsomewhere Thu 22-Jun-17 10:46:17

I'm also trying to teach my DD Flemish/Dutch. It's hard going when there are comparatively few resources and not such a large diaspora in the uk. I am in Surrey. She loves the songs and knows quite a few phrases but if I try and talk only in Flemish she gets quite upset. I'll keep persevering as I want her to have a working knowledge even if not completely fluent.

Rustler74 Thu 22-Jun-17 17:52:17

How old is she @boldlygoingsomewhere ?
So far I've been just talking Flemish to him (1 month old !!!) but he hears predominantly English so I'm desperate! YouTube is my friend during his awake hours !

boldlygoingsomewhere Thu 22-Jun-17 20:39:17

She's 3 now. It's hard to get out of English as a default - I've lived here so long now. I find I have to spend some time listening to Belgian radio to get back into the flow of speaking Flemish again. Children's films which have a Dutch language option are useful too. I really wish we could get Belgian tv stations here.

Hortonlovesahoo Tue 11-Jul-17 19:59:59

I'm the opposite (living in Holland but British). We're doing OPOL but when we're doing "Dutch" time, my husband puts on Dutch Netflix or kids shows with Dutch subtitles. "sesame Street" or "word party" are the biggest hits at the moment.

We've also got a few Spotify lists of children's songs that work well in the car to build the language through music.

Rustler74 Thu 20-Jul-17 23:53:22

@Hortonlovesahoo hello! How do you find living in Netherlands? Do your kids not pick it up in school? How old?

@boldlygoingsomewhere so far so good with the Flemish. I went to meet people in London a week ago, 'Vlaamse Club Londen' and they do monthly activities some of which with families.
There's also BVN tv.

Hortonlovesahoo Fri 21-Jul-17 06:01:45

Hey Rustler :-) I like it. We're in a town so I can really use my Dutch a lot. My daughter is still young (16months) so plenty of time but I'm already seeing the dual language (alsjeblieft, this, yes).

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