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Italian language resources :)

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PamplemousseRouge Sun 27-Nov-16 16:11:16

Hi everyone!

I'd just like to ask if you know of any good Italian resources please.

I did GCSE Italian at school around six years ago now, but haven't done any Italian since then, and I'd like to get back into learning it.

I studied French and Spanish at uni, and have kept up with them since graduating last year. At the moment, I do remember some of the Italian that I learnt, and can get by with guessing new words because of knowing French and Spanish. I would like to get much more fluent in Italian though rathet than using my French and Spanish knowledge to pull me through.

When I did the Italian GCSE, it was in a small class of around ten of us. We used the textbook Contatti, which I found very useful at the time. I was going to buy it to refresh my Italian and get back to it, but changed my mind after reading mixed reviews of it online. The only problem is that alternative textbooks all have their pros and cons as well, according to Amazon reviews and other online reviews.

I would like to start Italian lessons or evening classes, but if I don't manage to find any, could anyone recommend a good Italian textbook or resource that I could work my way through on my own please?

Also, as I'm based in London, would anyone here know of any good Italian classes in London that you'd recommend?

Thanks everyone!

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