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Language holiday in Spain

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smallplastichorse Tue 22-Nov-16 20:27:47

We're trying to teach our DCs (2 and 4) some basic Spanish, through my (quite poor) Spanish and some cartoons and apps. So far it's going well and we're all enjoying it.

We were thinking of going to Spain next spring and are looking for language learning opportunities for the kids, they are too young for all the classes I've found, I'm looking for immersion opportunities.

Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations? Family based holiday camps or family courses? Many thanks.

Mamabear12 Fri 25-Nov-16 11:22:34

You could check with the family friendly hotels. Usually they have creche services or camps and you could ask if they person watching the kids will be spanish speaking? Most likely they will be. I have been teaching my kids with French, while learning French I was basically not knowing any French when we started. My daughter now knows over 200 words french and phrases (we are 3 months in) and of course surpassed me. We have done this via flash cards, french nanny a few hours sat and sunday. Plus after school french club mon, thurs and fri. She is singing in french, counting and will say all sorts of phrases randomly. I have to ask or check google translate and its always correct. She is 4 and all the french people say she has a perfect french accent, which makes me proud smile

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