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french magazine for 4/5 yr old

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soundsg00d Fri 18-Nov-16 14:48:13

Can anyone recommend a good magazine, similar to say the cbeebies magazine, for DD who is 4 and a half, to learn French (I'm not a native speaker but have a degree in French and have been trying to teach her a bit); are there any you can get on subscription? I know there's loads of things accessible online but thought it would be good motivation to have something coming through the post that we can look at together?

ComputerSaysNoooo Fri 18-Nov-16 14:50:31

This was popular when I taught in Paris.

Mamabear12 Fri 25-Nov-16 12:10:45

Hello. I have been told: pomme d api

It seems we are in the same boat, trying to teach our DDs French, while not being native speakers. At least you have a degree in French! I am learning as my daughter learns. I have done a lot of research and if you want your daughter to be fluent in French and have proper French accent, I suggest you do the following. I understand you might not be able to do them all. But try as much as you can. Basically she needs to have as much French every day as you can (they say 20 hours a week). This is not always possible. But we have been working on French the past 3 months and my daughter can speak over 200 words/phrases, sings in french, counts to 20, knows all the colours, animals, body parts, foods etc. This is how we achieved this:

1. The best way was french flash cards. She quickly learned them all (the ones I bought were from amazon - usborn, berlitz for kids etc). So I began to make my own flash cards using cut outs from magazines. We would do 5 cards at a time and review words every day while walking to school or before bed or during a meal or bath.

2. Youtube is GREAT for french cartoons, music etc. I also bought french dvds of her favourite cartoons, music (henri des) for the iPad, which I play when she is taking a bath, or doing arts and crafts.

3. Native speakers - found French nanny to watch her 3-4 hours on sat and sunday and go through the french flash cards, certain phrases and speak only in french to her so she gets the accent down. We live in an area with many French speakers, whom all have said my daughter has a perfect french accent. My daughter even has to help correct me and of course I can never pronounce the words as well as she does.

4. I signed her up for french club after school Monday, Thurs and Fri...basically different activities like arts, theatre etc done in french.

Its not very easy and at first I thought it would be impossible. We did one step at a time and now she is doing amazing in French.

Good luck!

Yika Fri 25-Nov-16 12:17:19

I love pomme d'api, my DD has a subscription. I find it more old fashioned than the uk equivalents (in a nice way).

Culturally it's very French with e.g. a little cartoon strip examining philosophical/existential questions (from a 3-7 year old perspective of course!)

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