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raising kids bilingual in Spanish-English?

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quecho Mon 10-Oct-16 12:46:18

My mother tongue is Spanish and would like to meet other families raising their children in Essex but talking to them in Spanish. Raising a bilingual child is a challenge and some notes exchange would be much appreciated. My Latin friends in the area is very small and some of them do not talk to their children in Spanish. I would like to know other children from my son's age, actually 3yo but experienced parents with some ideas are very welcome too. The idea is to meet up regularly, ideally on a Tuesday or over the weekend. Each parent could prepare with a song or a game for our children and coffees for the grown-ups. This is not a formal toddlers group/class, just a meet up for parents who already speak Spanish and would like to meet other parents in the same situation. If u know any other person in this situation, please let them know, hence the message in English. Many thanks in advance xx

sanmarfon Wed 05-Apr-17 11:50:11

Hola donde estás exactamente en Essex?

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