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Ukrainian/Russian speaking mums in Croydon?

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inna Thu 01-Feb-07 17:25:35

Are there any Ukrainian/Russian speaking mums in Croydon? would be nice to talk.

moondog Thu 01-Feb-07 17:27:03

Someone asked this two days ago.
Look in this section.

ukrainianmum Thu 08-Feb-07 21:06:09

hi! not in croydon but ukraine.
hope to come back to ukj soon. have ksenia,she is nearly two.was born in lindon

inna Sun 11-Feb-07 10:06:12

Hi there! Glad to meet you!!! I have a daughter, Mila, she is almost 7 months now. You can write to me if you want

ukrainianmum Thu 15-Feb-07 20:07:42


My name is Sasha.I live in Ukraine now,Donetskaya obl.Have a daughter Ksenia as told before.She'll be two in March.When she was 2 months old mived bac to Ukraine from England.And now can't come back home.My dh is in UK.He is From Ukraine as well.How come you are all alone in Croydon?How long do you live in the UK?

How is Mila?are you still breathfeeding he?Is she crowling or maybe just siiting?
I appologize that didn'y write to your e-mail but for me is more convinient to be on MN.
Hope to hear from you soon.And glad to meet you as well.

take care and ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
from me and Ksenia!

inna Fri 16-Feb-07 15:33:23

Hi there Sasha!

My name is Inna, but I suppose you know it now. I've been here for a year. I am married to an English man, so I am not that alone. Just wanted to find someone to talk to, as I spend most of my time with English mums.
Mila is fine, doing well. Yes, I ams still breastfeeding her, though she is already on solids. She is sitting well, and today she's started moving, shuflling on her stomach, but backwords, very upsetting for her.
How Ksenia is doing? Must be great fun at her age.
I do not know if we can speak Ukrainian here?
Is it so hard for you to come back here?
By the way, I am from Kyivska obl.

Hope to here from you soon.


ukrainianmum Sat 17-Feb-07 20:08:25


I dont know about using ukrainian or russian here...But we can check it at other language groups like italians or french or Spanish.
I had an awful day.I had my digital camera stolen yesterday and basically i Know who did it but cannot prove it.The whole day today the milicia men were talking to these kids in the manner like only ukrainian milicia can do it and at the end they were set free.Tomorrow i am going to make an officia lstatement. Maybe this will teach them a lesson.

Ksenia today for the first time in her life said that she loves somebody.It was like "aplyu deda".Not mama.Pity!!!!But my dad is a greatest grand dad on earth.

You have such a good English for being only a year in the country.I spent 6 years.Did you study it before?

When i come back to UK i will introduce you to some russian speaking mums.Some of them are "long periods" some of them are new comers(in fact they some of them are still pregrant but vot-vot:-)
So,hold on there.Did you ever go to Ukrainian shop on Poplar?Maybe you will find some new friends here.

I was a bit confused when you said that Mila is mainly on solids now.I remember that Ksenia had more breastfeds at that age then solids.She wasn't comletely breast fed baby.She refused from the very birth to take the breast so i was expressing milk and giving it from the bottle.I was like cow-morning "doyka",day end evening.It was so hard.And i stopped my tortures when she was almost nine and moved to formula.And even now Ksenia drinks nearly a one litre a day of cow's milk or formula.

Oh,gosh.Such a long post.My brains now like a kasha now.SO,i will say poka and keep in touch.I love meeting new people and making new friends

inna Mon 26-Feb-07 15:08:21

Hi there Sasha,
It is a bit strange for me to talk to someone who can speak Ukrainian, using English. Anyway, you're more likely to speak Russian.

How are you? How is Ksenia? When are you coming here?

No, I have not been in Ukrainian shop. Where is it? I've hardly been anywhere really. When I was pregnant I did not want to move, wanted to stay at home all the time. Now going somewhere takes a lot of effort and you need to take a lot of stuff for Mila, so we do not risk it too often.

Did you have a job here?

As for my English I have a degree in English and have been working with the language for a couple of years, so it is not a problem. But it was when I first came here, as the accents drove me mad and I could not understand a lot. But now everything seems to be fine.

Hope you are having a good day.


ukrainianmum Tue 27-Feb-07 13:23:01


Inna,about the shop.It is in Poplar,East london.It is not far from Billingsgate fish market.but i dont know the address.You can check it in russian newspaper.They have lots of ukrainian food,even suxariki"3 koro4ki"Do you drive a car?Coz if you do then travel will get much easier.Dont be afraid of it.And once you will do it you will see how much staff you dont use when travelling.Kids get so exsited that theu forget about all their normal need.

I apllied for bulgarian visa today.Have to come "ogorodami na puze"To difficult to explain.If everything goes right will see London on the 23rd of march.Gosh,i missed London so much even more than Ukraine when was in UK

I worked at the my friend's cafe.i was a manager.When got pregrant quit sraight away coz was very sick all pregrancy.

How is Mila?Any progress on crawling?

Ksyuha is as usual.Baby tantrums all day long.And plus from two days ago she requires a discoteque with all the memebers of the family and she does everything "JA SAMA".which often ends up in tears

ok,she is waking up,my little monster

HAve a good day and hope to hear from you soon

ukrainianmum Tue 27-Feb-07 13:28:15

And i do speak ukrainan.Even though i am from donbass i prefer when people who speak ukrainan dont change the langauge coz of me.It is juat MY doesn't sound nice and i feel like Koroche,ne xochu spoklyuzhvatu ukrainsku movu moim surzhikom.vona taka spivucha sho ruka ne pideymaetsya.

My family was one of the first who was on the defend of ukrainian language here and in Nov 2004 they were orange which still causes to my parents a lot of troubles at work and among their "blue" frinds.

inna Wed 28-Feb-07 16:07:03

Hi there Sasha!
I've heard the weather is not too warm in Ukraine. Here it was very windy today, terribly. See, only living here for a year I started to talk about the weather. Cannot say I like the weather, changing every minute. Though I definitely do not miss Ukrainian winter.
My sister had to translate for a man who lives in London and he offered her to bring something for me, so he's arrived yesterday with chocolate for us, now we need to arrange meeting him, somewhere near Picadilli Circus. Maybe we could go to the Ukrainian shop as well then. Do you know if it is open on Sunday?
No, I do not drive, which is a shame, but I am not sure I would be good at it anyway.
Mila is not crawling, the only progress is raising her bum higher. But if she wants to get somewhere she can shuffle on her bottom. And in general she started to be very naughty, grabs everything, makes a lot of mess. Ksyusha must be real fun at her age, she can do so many things now.

Hope to hear from you soon and maybe even meet. Good luck with your visa.

Have a nice day.


Yeah, this Orange Revolution divided Ukraine a lot. We were on the side of Yushchenko, like the majority in our part. Those days were very important, but they ended in nothing.

ukrainianmum Thu 01-Mar-07 12:51:00

Hello ladies!!!

Inna,Mila has not been naughty yet.Wait till she will have her own opinion!!!

Ksyuha drives me crazy sometimes with things she wants to do or not.Like when eating she wants to pee or ride on shoulders(kosj-kosj).Or to drow in the middle of the night.And all this is coming with strong "NADO".Sometimes i miss that time when i had no time to brush my teeth but she would lie down without correcting me.

Oh,Piccadilly!!!Say hello for me to it!!I think this shop is open on Sunday.Check it as well on russian directory on the interet.Not sure about the web address but go to search and it will show you.Or a least it wil say where to buy russian newspaper which is out today

gosh,have to go,my little chicken is awake

Lenchuk Tue 25-Jun-13 17:23:11

Hi,my name is Olena and I have 8 month old son.we live at Southall(west London) and I would l love to meet ukranian,Russian mums.Please get in touch

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