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Welsh speakers in Bath / Bristol area

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clarebka1 Tue 30-Jan-07 19:15:45

Just had our first beautiful baby . My husband is welsh and a welsh speaker and we would like to know if there are any other welsh speakers in Bath / Bristol to meet up and encourage welsh speaking

moondog Wed 31-Jan-07 22:56:41


I'm not in Bath or Bristol (North Wales actually) but hoping you will find someone.
Even if you can't,it is perfectly possible.My father did it with us in a country miles away from Wales.

Have you checked out Twf website for some pointers/encouragement?

I'll do a linkk..

moondog Wed 31-Jan-07 22:58:20


JoannaArcher1 Tue 04-Sep-07 17:33:13

Ahhh! Clare - my son has tonnes of videos and DVDs in Welsh (also 2 cd-roms and some books) and we live in Bath! You are welcome to borrow what you like and if you find a native-speaker (I tried putting adverts up around town to no avail) then PLEASE let me know. I think there is a welsh club in Bristol - give me a bell 01225 338712


emsiewill Tue 04-Sep-07 17:39:27

JoannaArcher1, sorry, I've reported your post, as I don't think it is a good idea for you to put your phone number up for any loony to take advantage of.

If you've paid the going rate (think it's £5), you can use the Contact a Mumsnetter (CAT) facility, so you can exchange details off board.

Sorry to put a downer on your generous offer.

And clare, pob lwc with your search (apologies if I've spelt it wrong - dh and dds are Welsh speakers, I'm just a hanger-on!)

JoannaArcher1 Tue 04-Sep-07 22:59:15

Thanks - but I think I'm the best judge of that!

emsiewill Wed 05-Sep-07 08:24:12

Fine, I was only trying to help.

PrincessGoodLife Wed 05-Sep-07 08:32:58

I second what moondog said - it is possible! And I know that there are welsh speakers in both Bristol and Bath as my friend lives there and they all 'hang out' sometimes. Internet search for groups, asking at the uni, etc will produce results I'm sure. Twf is a good place to start as they have a message board. And MN obviously!

Moondog - sut mae? popeth yn iawn yma. newydd bod gartref am wythnos yn ymweld a'r teulu, ond yn falch i bod yn ol yma nawr yn y tawelwch!

niafc72 Thu 24-Nov-16 11:39:20

I know this is an old post but did anyone find any further information about Welsh speakers in Bath. I'd love to use my Welsh and would love my son to hear other people speaking Welsh, so if anyone out there wants to meet up and speak I'd love to hear from them...
Gobeithio clywed wrth rhywun yn fuan....??

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