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Games to support language learning for young kids

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Mamabear12 Tue 16-Aug-16 23:07:24

Any game or role play ideas to help young kids learn a second language? So far I thought of for my 4 and almost 3 year old the following. Keep in mind games are simple, as we are beginners learning a second language. My plans to to learn with the kids and practice words and phrases every day myself. And get a nanny a few times a week for a few hours (what we can afford) to help practice. And play dates w friends that speak the language (we know many!).

1. Hide and seek (helps with counting) and saying "where is" in new language and seeker can use words while they are looking "is xx behind the couch? Under the chair?" While making a point to look there even thought you know they are not there! Lol

2. Pretend grocery shop. Have play food and asking for things in the language to help learn fruits, veggies, meats etc

3. Baking together - again asking for certain ingredients when cooking so chile can listen to language and pick up on what's being asked for.

4. Meet the princess. Using princess dolls to practice saying hello, my name is princess Sofia, how are you? Etc

5. Doctor to help learn body parts

any other good ideas please?

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