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Any Danish/English families? Tips to improve Danish?

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Pickles27 Sun 05-Jun-16 20:27:27

I'm English, husband is Danish. He has spoken Danish to our children (8 and 5) exclusively since birth and their comprehension is pretty good but they only have a very limited vocabulary.

Does anyone know of any way to increase the amount they speak? We have tried really hard but hopes for bilingual children are fading!

I know there is a Danish Saturday school in London but we are an hour away by train. Looks fab for those who are nearer though!

mrsdane Sun 05-Jun-16 20:32:05

I'm about to be in this very situation! Are there any Danes locally you could find to socialise with, perhaps through the Anglo Danish Society? It would be a good way of maintaining conversational skills. Or what about any television suitable for children they could watch from DK?
Does your husband have family you could visit to immerse them for a few weeks? I know it's not ideal but at least it would be something.
Out of interest, have you learnt Danish at all?

Kennington Sun 05-Jun-16 20:40:06

Disney films? This piqued my daughters interest. And peppa pig, which is so simple and repetitive I have picked up a fair bit of the language.
I would also say have very regular trips to Denmark to see relatives with children of a similar age.
Lots of basic books for bedtime. And Pop music or nursery rhymes - father doesn't have to be around for any of this.
Am in the same position with Greek and I found tv and music really helped.

corythatwas Sun 05-Jun-16 23:33:27

Regular bedtime reading and conversations around books made a big difference to my Swedish/English dc. Also spending part of the summer with family.
While it is always said (and no doubt with justice) that you cannot become bilingual through watching the telly, films can be a great way of expanding vocabulary if you already have the basics.
Dd has also had some penfriends and both dc keep in touch with friends over there via Facebook and emails.

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