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is it possible to learn a language abroad with a toddler?

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Movingonup1111 Thu 31-Dec-15 15:35:15

Before I have DC I had plans to go to Poland to learn polish for 4 weeks. In the end as I was heavily pregnant and with serious baby brain so I decided it was best not to go. I'm wondering if I could go now and take DC (21 months) with me. I would like to stay in Poland for 4-6 weeks and take lessons at a language school. DP cannot come with me (luckily he could visit frequently tho) so childcare during my lessons would be the biggest barrier. I'm alsoconcerned that DC would be scared in a local childcare setting as he wouldn't understand what they were saying. I wonder if I should wait until DC is older?

Has anyone ever attempted something like this before? Do you think a toddler will find it distressing to be spoken to in a foreign language or do they adapt well? Do you think it would be a good experience for DC? Has anyone else traveled on their own with a toddler before? Did it work okay? Or is it completely unrealistic?

Anyone know any other options to learn to speak the language well? I'm already doing lessons but I've found previously that I just don't get conversational without spending time in the country. Maybe I could go to the country and just travel without the lessons? Then DC can stay with me?

Really clueless about how this might work but it seems a shame to give up on it entirely without at least investigating the options. Any ideas anyone?!

Schwabischeweihnachtskanne Wed 13-Jan-16 10:33:16

As long as the childminder is kind and so on (all the normal prerequisites) a young toddler will probably be OK in a different language setting - after all plenty of people do exactly that to immerse their child when moving to a new country long term. You will probably find people speak a bit of English to understand your DC if he or she speaks fairly well (clearly).

What about a one to one homestay with a family though? You can do that to learn English in the UK and French in France - a quick google suggests you can also do that in Poland.

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