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Anyone applying for the Lycee Charles de Gaulle school(s)?

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Boobz Tue 03-Nov-15 12:01:15

Either for next academic year (Sept 2016), or who has recently navigated the system and might be able to help a first timer?

I have 3 DC at an AEFE school in Rome (Lycee Chateaubriand) and next year we hope they will start with the Moyenne/CP and CE1 sections of the Lycee South Kensington primary school site in London.

I am currently reading all the admissions procedures and have spoken to the admissions sec at the South Ken site, but was hoping I might be able to garner some more info/advice from those doing the same thing, or who have recently done this?

Am posting in education as well, as I'm not sure where is better for this thread.

Boobz Fri 06-Nov-15 17:00:57


Clafford Mon 09-Nov-15 23:42:34

I have 2 children in the school, 1 in CP and one in CM1. All the messages on these boards will tell you that there is real pressure on places.

The school does seem to abide by its published selection criteria which seem to vary each year. Siblings make up a significant amount of the intake. A number of other places are then taken up by children from other feeder schools in the French school network in London with whom the Lycee has an agreement, but those agreements may have changed in light of the new school which opened in Wembley this autumn. If you are set on the French system you will probably have a better chance with Wembley as S Ken is reducing its class sizes: now only 1 MS and 1 GS, previously 2 and only 3 CP, previously 4, with obvious impact on numbers for intake. That said, non siblings do get in as a result of being in an AEFE school.

Boobz Sat 14-Nov-15 18:37:06

Thanks Clafford - we are priority 3 currently and so I think we have a good chance of getting in. Are yours at the South Ken site?

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