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German-speaking Mums in Wandsworth/Battersea

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franade Thu 16-Jul-15 09:44:04

I am half German and we are trying to raise our 13 month old daughter biligual. At the moment it seems pretty straight forward as I spend most of the time with her speaking in German, but my guess is it will get trickier as she gets older and goes to nursery/school.
I thought it would be lovely to get together a little group of German (speaking) Mums for a playgroup/walks in the park/ coffee etc. for the little ones to practise and it would be great to practise my German too smile
Get in touch if your interessted!

Louise3000 Fri 01-Jan-16 21:36:27

Hi, i just read your post here. I'm Swiss citizen but been living in Wandsworth now 8 months. I'm speak both German and Swiss German and have a little girl who is now 9 weeks. It would be great to meet people who speak my own language!

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