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baby signing

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ruth1104 Sat 24-Jan-15 06:27:34

hello, i am british, dh is dutch and we do opol with our 12week baby. Ive always thought he might be a little late in speaking later on, partly because of bilingualism, partly because dh and lots of his family were very late in speaking (but got there eventually). There are baby signing classes in my area and i was wondering if anyone had found them useful, especially with bilingual kids? Or does it muddy the waters more?

tabitha8 Mon 26-Jan-15 11:15:21

Hello! We did baby signing (Makaton) with DS when he was little and it was great. He was late talking and becoming very frustrated. With hindsight, I would have started much sooner with him. Although not bilingual at all, he was learning French with me at the time (still is and he's 5 now).
You'll be able to use the same sign for the two languages. Muddy the waters? Not a bit, I promise. smile
The course was provided by the NHS for all parents who had children who were late talking.

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